BeachBody BootCamp - May 19

A total body conditioning BootCamp just in time for the summer!

Antonio will show you how to use your body as a tool to create lean muscle mass. Teaching you how to increase resistance to challenge, build and sculpt your muscles. As there’s no fancy gym equipment, you’ll learn techniques and movements that you can take away with you (so there’s no excuses not to practice at home!).

Each exercise can be adjusted to make you feel comfortable or push you to your limit!

We’d love to welcome, motivate and encourage people of all abilities at these sessions. Drop us a line if youre like to have a chat about how it could work for you.

Join us on this 4 week progressive course and feel strong and fit, just in time for the summer!

Time: 6.15-7.00am
Date: Every Friday for 4 weeks starting from 3 May 2019
Where: Wimbledon Park, Revelstoke Rd entrance

Cost: £36 for the 4 week BootCamp. If you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park or Buggyfit classes. Scroll down for the link to book. Closing date for bookings is 1 May 2019.

All of our regular Wimbledon Park clients are welcome to drop-into these Friday morning sessions using your HA fitness pass. So that we can judge numbers, please can you email us and let us know before 1 May if you think you’ll be joining us on Friday mornings.

Please note that our BootCamps are non-refundable and non-transferable. You must complete a health form before you join, and you attend at your own risk. Please also read our full Terms And Conditions.

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Kicking our way into Spring at Buggyfit in Wimbledon!

Who’s joining us at Buggyift in the sunshine on Thursday?

Meet us in South Park Gardens at 9.30am and then at 11.00am in Wimbledon Park.

Free trials to all newcommers! Just message us for all details first.

(Sunshine not guaranteed)


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Last Call For BootCamps!

Now that half term is nearly over and the signs of Spring are starting to peek through, it's time to come out of hiding and treat yourself to a BootCamp!

We've got 4 great courses coming up. Head over to our BootCamp page for all the details. From BoxFit to Cardio Pilates, and Body Sculpting to SkiFit, there's something for everyone.

All of our Fit In The Park classes (except for our postponsed Monday nights) and Buggyfit sessions are running as normal.

The forecast promises some lovely spring weather next week, so do join us in the park!

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Pre-Summer Reboot: Body Sculpting BootCamp (Southfields)

A total body conditioning BootCamp with a difference! Antonio will show you how to use your body as a tool to create lean muscle mass. Teaching you how to increase resistance to challenge, build and sculpt your muscles.

As there’s no fancy gym equipment, you’ll learn techniques and movements that you can take away with you. No excuses not to practice at home!

This BootCamp will be highly motivating and encouraging for people of all abilities. Each exercise can be adjusted to make you feel comfortable or push you to your limit!

Join us on this 6 week progressive course and feel strong and fit for the summer!

Time: 7.30-8.30pm

Where: St Barnabas Church, SW18 5EP

Cost: £54 for a block of 6 sessions. If you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park or Buggyfit classes.

Head over to our BootCamp page to book your place or drop us a line for more info.

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HIIT BootCamp - Are You Up For It?

With our BootCamps, Buggyfit and Fit In The Park classes all getting off to an awesome start this week (thank you!), we're now focusing on our HIIT BootCamps

We get the impression that a few of you are nervous about signing up, so here's a few answers to some of the questions you've been asking us.

What exactly is HIIT?
High Intensity Interval Training. Basically doing short intense sets followed by short rests. And repeating. It's a proven form of training that delivers results fast!

How does the BootCamp work?

Training over 5 consecutive mornings, we'll focus on different muscle groups each day, combining strength, cardio and endurance for maximum burn. We'll get you to do a wide variety exercises (probably including a few burpees) to keep your mind and muscles guessing. 

The sessions start at 6.15am, so you can do it all before work, and before the rest of the family gets up. Just give us everything you've got for 45 minutes, everyday, for 5 days!

But I'm new to BootCamps / not very fit?

Don’t worry there’s a first time for everyone. We'll introduce you to some of our regulars (a few of them have been coming for years!), and our Instructors will always be on hand to make sure you know what you're doing.

We offer different levels to suit all abilities. Beginners, weekend warriors and serious fitness freaks will all be catered for. It'll be fast, furious and fun, all at the same time. 

What if I miss a session?

No problem. You can make up a class at one of our regular Fit In The Park or Buggyfit sessions.

What do I wear/bring?

Dress for the weather, with lots of layers. You may start off a bit chilly, but you'll soon warm up, so it's good to be able to take a things off as you get going.

Bring a mat if you have one, we have some spares if you don't. And remember to bring a water bottle, so that you can replenish what you sweat off!

Where and when is it?

Monday - Friday: 6.15 - 7.00am

How much does it cost?

Wimbledon Park: 
Class Pass Holders: £27 (plus 2 sessions off your class pass)
Non-Class Pass Holders: £45

South Park Gardens: 
Class Pass Holders: £36 (plus 1 session off your class pass)
Non-Class Pass Holders: £45

How do I book?

Head over to our BootCamp page to book your place. Or drop us a line for more info.

Happy Training,

Heather and the HA fitness team x

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Cardio Dance - St Barnanas Church, Southfields

A Cardio Dance BootCamp for fitness fanatics, fitness haters and music lovers. This is the perfect fusion of exercise and dance, for all levels!

We’re really excited to launch a class that highlights the wide range of skills that our lovely new fitness instructor, Laura, brings to HA fitness. Her new Cardio Dance programme offers a fun and challenging workout encompassing:

  • A full body warm-up

  • A dance/aerobics section to improve cardiovascular fitness, coordination and agility - building on routines and learning new sections of choreography each week

  • Mat-based work to improve muscular strength and endurance (please bring a mat or towel)

  • Cool down and developmental stretching to improve flexibility

  • All set to an energetic and motivating soundtrack!

Modifications can be offered for pre/post-natal clients.

When: Every Monday from 7 January until 11 February (inclusive).

Time: 7.30-8.30pm

Where: St Barnabas Church, 146 Lavenham Road, Wimbledon, SW18 5EP

Cost: £54 for a block of 6 sessions. Or £12 drop (contact us for availability). If you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes.

Please note that our BootCamps are non-refundable and non-transferable. You must complete a health form before you join, and you attend at your own risk. Please also read our full Terms And Conditions.


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NEW HA fitness Body Blitz 6 week challenge!

NEW HA fitness Body Blitz 6 week challenge!

We've teamed up with Marcelle Dubruel, a Wimbledon nutritional therapist specialising in weight and health management.

Marcelle has developed a healthy and tasty eating plan for boosting your metabolism alongside our fitness workouts.

Ready to get your summer body sorted? Join our 6 week Body Blitz challenge and shimmy into summer.

HA Fitness Body Blitz Challenge is good for those who:

  • Want to feel energised, slim and healthy.
  • Would love to shed a few unwanted inches.
  • Are determined to feel “jean” fabulous by the summer.
  • Recognise the winning combination of exercise and balanced eating.
  • Enjoy healthy, family friendly eating for boosting metabolism.
  • Mean to get round to healthier living but life keeps getting in the way!
  • Welcome the support and guidance on just what to do!

HA Fitness Body Blitz Challenge comes in 3 parts:

1. The Meal Plan

A large range of options of tried and tested breakfasts, quick lunches, simple dinners and yummy snacks.

2. Exclusive membership to a closed Facebook Group

You'll be supported throughout the whole 6 weeks within the group. This is where it all happens...

  • All questions are welcome, especially the ones that may feel silly!
  • You can put your hand up and ask for help when you need it.
  • There will be support, encouragement and motivation from your nutritional therapist, Marcelle.
  • You'll be able to share your journey with like-minded Body Blitz enthusiasts, including Heather.
  • We'll give lots of guidance to make the challenge work for you in your lifestyle.
  • You receive Extra Facebook Group Bonuses, including Workout Wednesdays and Treat Fridays!

3. Commitment, support and accountability to exercise

We're asking you to do at least 3 workouts a week, every week, for the duration of the 6 week challenge. These can be at an HA fitness class, personal training session, or on your own (you'll get one workout every Wednesday in the Facebook Group!).

HA Fitness Body Blitz Challenge Housekeeping:

This exclusive challenge is only available to HA fitness personal training clients, holders of HA fitness class passes and current BootCamp members.

The 6 week challenge runs from Monday 24th April 2017 to Sunday 4th June 2017.

Cost: £85

Payment is required in full by 19th April 2017.

Payment secures your place and activates your membership. You will be invited to join the closed HA fitness Body Blitz Facebook group where you will have access to the pre-challenge resources.

Sign-up now! Or drop us a line for more info.

You'll easily get your workouts done at any of our Buggyfit or Fit In The Park sessions. Check out our full timetable for all the details.

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NetWalking On Wimbledon Common


Have time to talk business whilst getting fit. We’ll walk across Wimbledon Common with the occasional stop for a spot of strength training. You can chat to other business people or fire questions at me about exercise & fitness. There will be no set agenda. Just informal networking, fitness & fun.

When: Thursday 23 March, 9.15 to 10.30am

Where: Meet and finish at the Windmill café. Great if you want to catch up for a coffee before or after the session. There’s a free carpark & toilets. Full directions & details about the meeting point here.

Who: All levels welcome.  This is a very inclusive & friendly group.  We warmly welcome & support anyone who may feel slightly intimidated or scared about joining an exercise class.  This isn’t bootcamp!

Why: You’ll come away feeling healthy, inspired & energised!

How much: Just £5 which will be donated to the Momentum Charity

What to wear on your feet: Trainers or walking boots. Wellies will be OK if you’re used to walking in them.

What to wear on your legs: Tracksuit bottoms, walking trousers, running tights, leggings etc.

What to wear on your top: Ideally a sports bra (for ladies) underneath a couple of tops. It’s good to have a few layers so that you can take things off as you warm up. A waterproof jacket or coat will be good too.

Anything else: In this weather, you probably won’t need to carry water with you, but having either a drink in your car or money for the café afterwards would be a good idea.

Sign up: Just drop us a line to book your place. Then bring a fiver along on the day!

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Exercise your Eggs Off In Wimbledon!

Yes, we're thinking about Easter all ready and we'll no doubt have you hopping around the park like a bunny at some point.

But before I get into that, it's Mother's Day in a couple of weeks time, and if you need (or would like to drop hints for) a fantastic gift, why not go for one of our Gift Vouchers? Or book that amazing woman in your life onto one of our BootCamps or courses (see below). It'll last longer than flowers and is better for the waistline than chocolates!

On that note, if you'd like to burn-off any chocolaty indulgences in advance, we're running a special class on Good Friday (14 April) at 9.30am in South Park Gardens which will replace our regular Fit In The Park session. It's suitable for all levels and abilities and we'd love to see your husbands, wives, partners, family & friends there too. Children can come & play nearby & babies in buggies are welcome (they all remain your responsibility!).

It's a busy time of year for everyone, so we'd like to know how many people will be joining us. We’re therefore asking everyone to book & pay in advance (your class passes won't be valid). It's just £8 for 1 person or £14 for 2. Hop over to our BootCamp page to sign-up now while you're still thinking about it.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that our Saturday classes in Wimbledon Park and in South Park Gardens will all be running as normal over the Easter period. Unfortunately there will be no Buggyfit classes on Bank Monday, however we'd love to see you all with or without your little ones on Good Friday and Easter Saturday!

As always, you're welcome to drop-in on any of our Buggyfit or Fit In The Park classes (check out our busy timetable online), but it does work out cheaper to buy one of our class passes in advance.

Happy Training,

Heather & the HA team x

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Price Increase Coming Up - Get In Quick!

Get Fit

Just to let you know, our drop-in rate for Buggyfit & Fit In The Park is going up to £10 on Friday (it's currently at £9). Basically, having a round number will make things a lot quicker at the beginning of the classes, as we won't have to keep handing out £1 coins in change!

Our 20 class pass will also be going up from £125 to £130. We feel that at £6.50 a class, this is still excellent value for money.

The 10 class passes will stay at the same price of £75, so it's worth buying one if you're currently doing a lot of drop-ins.

Our class passes can be used at any of our Buggyfit or Fit In The Park classes in South Park Gardens, Wimbledon Park & on Wimbledon Common. Check out our timetable so see which classes will suit you best.

The class prices will go up at midday this Friday (after Buggyfit on Wimbledon Common).

If you'd like to save a bit of cash, you can purchase either a drop-in or class pass online before the prices go up. Any passes bought online at the current price, maybe redeemed throughout February. We're allowing one pass (at the current price) to be bought per person. So get online & save some money today!

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Do It For The After Selfie!

Saturday Fitness

4 Ways You Can Be Awesome This Weekend

1) Bring Your Mats To Classes

It'd really help us out if you could bring your mat to all of our Fit In The Park and BootCamp sessions. Especially this Saturday in South Park Gardens. Antonio is running the class and won't have quite as many as Kate usually does. Thank you!

2) Sign-Up to Our Wimbledon Park February BootCamp

We've got a fantastic group of people who are committed to working out with us early in the morning in Wimbledon Park.

Why don't you join us? You'll get a full body workout combining strength, cardio, endurance, core & functional movement. All levels & abilities welcome.

Time: 6.15 - 7.00am

Place: Wimbledon Park, near the Revelstoke Road entrance.

Mon 30 Jan, Wed 1 Feb
Mon 6 Feb, Wed 8 Feb
Mon 13 Feb, Wed 15 Feb
Mon 20 Feb, Wed 22 Feb
Fri 24 Feb (Bonus/Catch-up class)

Book now or get in touch for more info.

3) Buy Your Ticket For Our Night Out!

Who says it’s all training and no play?!

HA fitness is turning 11 this year and we think this give us reason to celebrate! Come and join us for eats, drinks and much merriment at The Burger Shack & Bar in Wimbledon Village on Thursday 2nd February from 7.30pm.

For £15, your ticket will include a drink on arrival and a buffet of tantalising food platters including vegetarian and meat burger sliders, salt beef croquettes, ale battered cod strips, curly fries and more.

So whether you're a Fit In The Parker, Buggyfit mum or PT client, we really hope you can join us. Book your ticket online now!

4) Join Us At Fit In The Park Tomorrow!

Everyone is welcome to our Saturday sessions. You can use your class passes or drop-in for £9.00.

Which one will you do?

7.45am - 8.30am South Park Gardens
9.00am -10.00am South Park Gardens
9.00am - 10.00am Wimbledon Park

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Back To It!

HA fitness

We hope you had a lovely Christmas?

Our regular class timetable for Buggyfit and Fit In The Park starts again on 3 January. As you all hopefully know by now, we've got a very flexible class pass system. You can either pay-as-you-go or save a bit of money & buy one of our class passes.

We've also got some amazing BootCamps coming up. Book your place now on our:

Finally, don't forget to put the 2 February in your diary, for the HA fitness night out!

Best festive wishes

Heather & the HA team x

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Buggyfit Freebies!

Piccolo Baby food

We're giving out free samples of Piccolo baby food this week at Wimbledon Buggyfit (well it is Christmas)! Pick up your free samples at the following classes this week:

- Mon: 9.30am, South Park Gardens
- Mon: 11.00am, Wimbledon Park
- Thurs: 9.30am South Park Gardens
- Thurs: 11.00am, Wimbledon Park
- Fri: 11.00, Wimbledon Common

Heather x

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Worried About Those Festive Calories?

At this time of year, every newspaper will come up with a different number of kilos which we should expect to put on over the Christmas period. But it doesn't have to be like that. Here are a few of our bulge beating tips:

Don’t passively eat extra calories - make those Christmas treats worthwhile!

If you fancy one of those festive coffees, do it. But do it when you have time to sit down and enjoy every last one of those syrupy, creamy calories. The rest of the time, stick to your usual coffee. You don’t have to drink a gingerbread latte topped with freshly whipped cream, gold stars and a gingerbread man, every single time you pass a Costa. Have it once for an indulgent treat, and make sure you really enjoy it.

Pass on the indulgent love - tactfully!

Guests feel obliged to bring treats whenever they visit at this time of year. But don’t feel obliged to consume them. Discreetly re-gift, or donate to a food bank or soup kitchen. Basically, just get them out the house before you get chance to rip open the cellophane wrapper.

Keep it in perspective - you can do it!

Parties, broken routines, travel & stress means that most of us are less active & eat more in December.  Accept that this might happen, but avoid going down the “I’ve blown my diet, I may as well keep going” route. Make some healthy choices, fit in some exercise and you'll feel much better for it.

The shops are only closed for one day - don't panic!

Avoid stockpiling crisps, nuts and snacks, just in case someone pops in (and then polish them off yourself because "it’ll be a shame to waste them"). Buy the things you’ll need and no more.

Select your festive treats carefully - there's lots of hidden calories you can easily avoid!

Here are a few simple swaps you can make:

- Buy/make open top mince tarts as these can have around 50 calories less than mince pies with lids on.
- Choose satsumas to graze on rather than nuts. If you can't resist the nuts, buy ones with shells on, you'll eat a lot less of them.
- Avoid drinking creamy cocktails, Baileys and sweetened mulled wine. Stick to fizz (the bubbles will fill you up) or regular wine.

Join our Mince Pie Burn-Offs - fun calorie crushing workouts

Sat 24 Dec, 8.30-9.30am, South Park Gardens
Sat 24 Dec, 10.00-11.00am, Wimbledon Park
Wed 28 Dec, 9.30-10.30am, South Park Gardens

These classes will be high energy & burn lots of calories. It'll be fun too. All levels & abilities are welcome. If you have little ones, they can come along and play/sleep/eat nearby (they remain your responsibility). We're expecting a great mix of both men and ladies at these sessions.

You'll need to book your place in advance (class passes are not valid) It's only £8.50 a session, and bookings will close on 17th December. Or drop us a line to find out more.

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Welcome Antonio!

Antonio Marakovic.jpeg

We're really pleased to welcome Antonio Marakovic to the HA team!

After qualifying with the YMCA as a Personal Trainer, Antonio has spent the past couple of months with the HA Team learning about our clients and classes.

Antonio is brimming with fresh ideas & has lots of new moves to share. He is also incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about fitness, health and training. You can read more about Antonio on our website.

Many of you will have already met him at our BootCamp and Fit In The Park sessions. Here are a few of the things you have said:

"He is really good and I really enjoyed it!"
"Love the different stretches he did at the end."
"He was very motivational in keeping us going in dreadful rain and wind at 6.15am!"
"He demonstrated the exercises well and gave lots of alternatives for those wanting lower impact."

Antonio will be teaching our Monday evening class and many of our early morning sessions.

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Wimbledon Buggyfit Timetable - New Classes!


Don't wait until January to join our postnatal fitness classes! We have a busy timetable with Buggyfit classes in 3 stunning Wimbledon locations.

9.30am South Park Gardens
11.00am Wimbledon Park (New class)

9.30am South Park Gardens
11.00am Wimbledon Park

11.00am Wimbledon Common (New class)

Click on the above links for details of meeting points & parking for each location. You're welcome to drop-in for £9 or buy one of our 10/20 class passes. Head over to our Buggyfit page for more info, or drop us a line.


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Wimbledon Park FINAL 2 Weeks BootCamp!

2 weeks, 4 early morning sessions (plus a bonus class). Join us!

Fun, friendly & challenging. You'll get a full body workout combining strength, cardio, endurance, core & functional movement. All levels & abilities welcome.

Time: 6.15 - 7.00am

Place: Wimbledon Park, near the Revelstoke Road entrance.

Mon 12 Dec, Wed 14 Dec
Mon 19 Dec, Wed 21 Dec
Fri 23 Dec (bonus session)

£30 for the above 4 classes plus a bonus/catch up session on Fri 23 Dec.
£16 for 2 of the above classes plus a bonus/catch up session on Fri 9 Dec.

Get in touch or book your place today!

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Want to be in the next THIS GIRL CAN campaign?

We've been asked by the casting team for the THIS GIRL CAN campaign if we know of any mums-to-be who would like to be in their next TV commercial.

Here are all the details:

We are currently casting the new THIS GIRL CAN campaign for Sport England. Much like the last tv commercial we are looking for 'real' women (not actors, models or extras) who can go on to inspire other women to get out there and exercise!

We are looking for brilliant, bold and brave girls and women who do some kind of sport or fitness.

This time round, we are featuring the 'I can't' moments and seeing how women often find a way to get through them and make them 'I can' moments.

We'd like to find a woman who would be willing to go through labour with someone filming her for the campaign.

It will be just a portrait shot of a woman pushing. You won't see anything other than the womans face and body pushing. Showing the strength the female goes through.

We would like to find someone due at the end of November/ beginning of December and would have one female camera operator at the ready.

It would be a beautifully shot memory for anyone willing to take part plus a fee.

Please note: We are NOT looking for actors, models, extras or the like. You mustn’t have been in anything before including extra work. The shoot will be for a nationwide campaign and imagery will be used in all media channels.

The production company is Somesuch. You will be fully paid.

Many thanks


PS If you'd like to see the last campaign that we cast and Somesuch produced it's here-

Leanne Flinn Casting

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South Park Gardens Early Morning BootCamp - Starts 21 November

Join us in South Park Gardens for our November 5 day back-to-back BootCamp.

Join us in the park everyday at 6.15-7.00am, from Monday 21 November through to Friday 25 November (plus a bonus session on Saturday 26 November).

Each day we will focus on a different areas of the body, mixing it up with a huge variety of exercises & workouts. You'll get to train with a few of the HA fitness team, so that you can benefit from our different styles (& idiosyncrasies!).

No matter what your goals, whether it be weight loss, boost your fitness levels or tone-up, you'll feel great (& smug!) by day 5.

Book your place now before you change your mind. You'll get far more compliments for working out than you will from sleeping in!

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Durnsford Park, Not Wimbledon Park This Week

With the Tennis Championships heading our way, SW19 will soon become the sporting focus of the world again.

During this busy fortnight (27 June to 10 July), all of our classes will continue to run, however this year we'll be temporarily moving out of Wimbledon Park (it's the Council's new policy unfortunately).

So this here's the plan:

Buggyfit postnatal classes will take place in Durnsford Park (see below). We'll be there at our regular times of 9.30am on Wednesdays & 11.00am on Thursdays (29, 30 June & 6,7 July). If you've got older children, bring them along as there is a fantastic little playground!

Fit In The Park 6.15am sessions will meet just outside of the Revelstoke Road Wimbledon Park gates. We'll then be putting you through your paces with some running drills around the grid & surrounding areas. It should be fun & you don't have to be a runner to take part! See you there at 6.15am on Wednesday & Friday.

Fit In The Park Saturday 9.00am classes will also take place in Durnsford Park (see below). We'll be there on 2 & 9 July with some challenging new moves for you!

Durnsford Park is a lovely green area just off Durnsford Road (put SW19 8EY into your sat nav). You'll find street parking (pay-at-machine) on Wellington, Lucien, Gordondale, Havana & Mount Roads. It's a bit further away from where all the action is, so there are no Wimbledon Tennis parking restrictions.

Obviously we do recommend leaving your car at home & giving your workout an extra boost by walking, running or cycling to our classes. However, if you're driving around Wimbledon during the tennis fortnight, it can get very busy, so it's wise to plan in extra travel time. Parking can also be challenging as there are restrictions in place. Go to the Wandsworth & Merton council websites for details. 

All of our South Park Gardens classes will be running as normal. Check out our timetable for full details of all our classes. Be warned though, we've got some great workouts planned & we may even include a tennis theme here & there. We know this is a busy time, but we'd love to see as many of you as possible training with us over the coming weeks. If you need to renew your pass, or buy a pay-as-you-go session, head over to our purchase page.

Happy Training,


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