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Class Update

Just a quick reminder that, as usual, there are NO classes on Bank Holiday Monday.

Due to the team being away, there will also be NO Buggyfit class on Wimbledon Common on Tuesday.

We've got a full timetable for the rest of the week, so that you can burn-off some of the weekend excesses!

- Wed: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
- Thu: 6.15am South Park Gardens
- Thu: 9.30am South Park Gardens
- Thu: 11.00am Wimbledon Park
- Fri: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
- Sat: 7.45am South Park Gardens
- Sat: 9.00am South Park Gardens

Everyone is welcome to join us at all of these sessions. It's half term, so why not bring the kids along too?

See you in the park soon!

Heather and the HA fitness team x

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BeachBody BootCamp - May 19

A total body conditioning BootCamp just in time for the summer!

Antonio will show you how to use your body as a tool to create lean muscle mass. Teaching you how to increase resistance to challenge, build and sculpt your muscles. As there’s no fancy gym equipment, you’ll learn techniques and movements that you can take away with you (so there’s no excuses not to practice at home!).

Each exercise can be adjusted to make you feel comfortable or push you to your limit!

We’d love to welcome, motivate and encourage people of all abilities at these sessions. Drop us a line if youre like to have a chat about how it could work for you.

Join us on this 4 week progressive course and feel strong and fit, just in time for the summer!

Time: 6.15-7.00am
Date: Every Friday for 4 weeks starting from 3 May 2019
Where: Wimbledon Park, Revelstoke Rd entrance

Cost: £36 for the 4 week BootCamp. If you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park or Buggyfit classes. Scroll down for the link to book. Closing date for bookings is 1 May 2019.

All of our regular Wimbledon Park clients are welcome to drop-into these Friday morning sessions using your HA fitness pass. So that we can judge numbers, please can you email us and let us know before 1 May if you think you’ll be joining us on Friday mornings.

Please note that our BootCamps are non-refundable and non-transferable. You must complete a health form before you join, and you attend at your own risk. Please also read our full Terms And Conditions.

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Inspire your children into being active

My kids may not always do what I ask them to do. But they’ll often want to do the things that they see me doing.

I love it when, at some of our classes, toddlers try to mimic what they see their Mums and Dads doing. They might not be strong enough, or co-ordinated enough to be able to perfect a burpee yet. But they’ll give it a dam good go, especially if it involves getting a bit muddy!

So be the person that inspires your children’s future fitness. Let them see you exercising, and let them know that it’s important to you.

Why not bring them along to some of our Fit In The Park - Family sessions over the Easter Holidays?

Everyone is welcome to come along, no matter how old or young. Drop us a line if you have any questions about how it all works.

Heather x

P.S. The photo is of me and my 2 kids last Saturday. We entered a 5K team Swimathon together. My 7 year old swam 1K (40 lengths), my 9 year old swam 2K (80 lengths) and I brought us up to the 5K mark. I was a very proud Mum! (Dad worked very hard too. He had to count and accurately record every single one of our 200 lengths!).

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Wimbledon, we're Ready for ACTION!

Happy New Year!

We’re back in action with all of our classes on 2 January! Join us for our drop-in Fit In The Park and Buggyfit classes at the following times:

6.15am Fit In The Park (outdoor bootcamp) in Wimbledon Park
9.30am Buggyfit (postnatal fitness) in South Park Gardens
11.00am Buggyfit (postnatal fitness) in Wimbledon Park
8.00pm Fit In The Park (indoor bootcamp) Holy Trinity School, Wimbledon

6.15am Fit In The Park (outdoor bootcamp) in Wimbledon Park


6.15am Fit In The Park (outdoor bootcamp) in South Park Gardens
9.30am Buggyfit (postnatal fitness) in South Park Gardens
11.00am Buggyfit (postnatal fitness) in Wimbledon Park

7.45am Fit In The Park (outdoor bootcamp) in South Park Gardens
9.00am Fit In The Park (outdoor bootcamp) in South Park Gardens

Free trials for all newcomers. Or head over to our purchase page for details about our class passes and drop-in rates.

ready for action.jpg
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Christmas?!?! Here's What We're Up To...

Our last timetabled class will be on Saturday 22 December, and we're then back in action again on 2 January 2019.

But, we know you'll still want to workout over the Christmas period, so our popular Mince Pie Burn-Off BootCamps are back!

When, Where And Who?

26 December with Sophie:
Wimbledon Park 8.30 - 9.30am
South Park Gardens 10.00 - 11.00am

28 December with Antonio:
Wimbledon Park 8.30 - 9.30am
South Park Gardens 10.00 - 11.00am

31 December with Laura:
Wimbledon Park 8.30 - 9.30am
South Park Gardens 10.00 - 11.00am

All levels & abilities are welcome to join our Mince Pie Burn-Offs, including our Buggyfit Mums. Your little ones are welcome to come along and play/sleep/eat nearby (they remain your responsibility).


1 person per BootCamp = £10.00
2 people per BootCamp = £15.00

Please note that our BootCamps are non-refundable and non-transferable. You must complete a health form before you join, and you attend at your own risk. Please also read our full Terms And Conditions.

Book now while you're still thinking about it!

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HIIT BootCamp In South Park Gardens

Our early morning HIIT BOOTCAMP starts on Monday in SOUTH PARK GARDENS!

The workouts will be fast-paced and will focus on a different muscle group each day. You'll burn calories, and strengthen and tone your whole body. Just in time for the party season!

You can squeeze this BootCamp in before work, and before the rest of the family gets up (so no excuses). Just give us everything you've got for 45 minutes a day, every day.

We will warmly welcome all abilities. We love seeing clients of all ages, sizes and fitness levels join us in the park (so again, no excuses!).

The classes are fun, energising and motivating. No class is ever the same (you'll never get bored!).

Where: South Park Gardens
When: 12 - 16 November (every morning for 5 days)
Time: 6.15 - 7.00am

Class Pass Holders: £36 (plus 1 session off your class pass)
Non-Class Pass Holders: £45

Book: Head over to our BootCamp page to book your place!

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Drop-In Sessions

Did you know that you can drop-in to any of our Fit In The Park and Buggyfit classes without purchasing one of our passes?

Our drop-in rate for these sessions is just £10, giving you complete flexibility to train when and where you like. You can either bring cash on the day, or purchase online via paypal.

But if you'd like to commit to your training and save a bit of cash at the same time, our HA fitness class passes are very reasonably priced:

10-class pass: £75.00 - Ideal for 1 class a week.

20-class pass: £130.00 - At £6.50 a session, this is perfect if you're doing 2 or more classes a week.

Both the 10 and 20 class passes last for 12 weeks, and the expiry starts from the date of your first class.

Head over to our Purchase page to buy your pass or drop-in today!

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BoxFit BootCamp - Wimbledon

An ultra-calorie burning workout that’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping. Using boxing pads and gloves, you'll work your whole body, whilst challenging your strength, speed and endurance. It's lots of fun and a great stress buster too!

Dates: 6 weeks starting from 30 October to 3 December (inclusive).

Tues 7.45pm at Garfield School, Wimbledon
Wed 7.15pm at Holy Trinity Church, Wimbledon

Cost: £54 for a block of 6 sessions. Or £12 drop (contact us for availability). If you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Sign-up today and become a Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine! We'll be limiting numbers due to the space and equipment available, so book your place now. Or drop us a line for more info.

If you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes.

Head over to our BootCamp page to book your place!

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Cardio Pilates - Garfield School, Wimbledon

NEW! An invigorating fusion of classic Pilates movements and fat-burning cardio exercises.

Sophie is excited to launch our new 6-week Cardio Pilates BootCamp every Tuesday night from 30th October. Sophie is a qualified Pilates instructor (BASI) and experienced HA fitness personal trainer.

Our Cardio Pilates course is about building whole-body strength and flexibility as well as improving cardio fitness and burning loads of calories too!

Dates: Every Tuesday from 30 October to 4 December (inclusive).

Time: 7.00-8.00pm

Where: Garfield School, Garfield Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 8SB

Cost: £54 for a block of 6 sessions. Or £12 drop (contact us for availability). If you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes.

Head over to our BootCamp page to book your place!


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Beginners BootCamp - Wimbledon Park & South Park Gardens

Join Heather for an early morning Bootcamp for Non-BootCampers!

This one-off session could be just the thing for you, if you’ve…

  • Not exercised since school and feel a bit intimidated about starting

  • Been injured and need to kick start your fitness again

  • Put on a little weight and keep putting off doing something about it

  • Had children and your body no longer feels like it’s yours (and we’re not just talking about the Mums here!)

The idea is to give you a gentle(ish) introduction to our Fit In The Park sessions. You will be with like minded beginners and a sympathetic, lovely Instructor (me!).

I’ll bring all the kit. You just need some workout clothes, a pair of trainers and some water to drink. You definitely don’t need to wear fancy gym gear (I won’t be!).

Men and women of all shapes and sizes will be warmly welcomed and encouraged to workout at their own individual level.

It’s only £5 for this one-off 45 minute session. Why not sign-up now before you change your mind. What have you got to lose? You can do this!

When & Where:

6.15am - 7.00am (yes I know it’s early, but it does get it out of the way!)

South Park Gardens: Friday 12 October
Wimbledon Park: Friday 19 October

Just £5

Book your place now or drop us a line for more info. Please note that these sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

Last call for HIIT Boot Camp - January 2018!

Claire BC.jpg

The lovely Claire is kicking off our first HIIT BootCamp of 2018 in Wimbledon Park tomorrow morning!

If you're still making your mind up about coming, now's the time to throw caution to the wind & commit!

We start tomorrow in Wimbledon Park at 6.15am (finishing at 7.00am).

Training over 5 consecutive mornings, you'll get a full body workout, combining strength, cardio, endurance, core & functional movement. You'll scorch calories & be challenged from head to toe.

But I'm not feeling very fit?

Don't worry. We'll be offering different levels to suit all abilities. Beginners, weekend warriors & serious fitness freaks are all welcome.

What if I can't make every session?

No problem. You can make up a class at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes.

But I don't want to go on my own?

You'll be introduced to all of our Boot Campers on the first day. We'll then work hard to ensure an inclusive, motivating spirit and strong sense of comradeship during the week. It'll be great fun too!

So when is it? 

  • Monday - Friday: 6.15 - 7.00am

Where and when is it?

How much does it cost?

  • £45 for each 5-day Boot Camp.

How do I book?

Happy Training!

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Any one for Ping Pong?!

Social Night At SMASH
- Tickets Now Available!

Tickets are now available for our night of Ping Pong, Pizza and prosecco!

Join the HA fitness team for what promises to be a really, really fun night out at the SMASH bar in Wimbledon.

We're looking forward to seeing all of our clients from Fit In The Park, Buggyfit and our personal training sessions there.

  • When: From 8pm on Thursday 8th February
  • Where: SMASH Wimbledon, 82 The Broadway
  • How much: £15 per person which includes a drink, pizza and ping pong!

Book your tickets now. We can't wait to see you all there!

Ping Pong.jpg
Screenshot-2018-1-17 smash_drinks_aw16_200x200_1910 pdf.png
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Ready for Action!

Happy New Year!

Ready for action.jpg

It's that time of year when your inbox is full of "Unleash The New You" and "New Year, New You" emails. Well, here's another one, but it's short so do bear with us...

We're kicking off 2018 with our 6.15am Fit In The Park class in Wimbledon Park tomorrow morning. Why don't you join us? It'll be fun and you'll burn loads of calories, we promise.

If you can't get to that one, we're in South Park Gardens at 6.15am on Thursday, so no excuses!

Our Buggyfit classes are back in the park this Thursday too. Meet us in South Park Gardens at 9.30am and then 11.00am in Wimbledon Park.

Check out our full Buggyfit and Fit In The Park timetable, and then head over to our purchase page to buy your passes online.

If you've been tempted by our January HIIT Boot Camps in Wimbledon Park  and South Park Gardens, but haven't signed up yet, do it now!

Going skiing? Join our Ski-Fit Boot Camp to get the most out of your trip, reduce your risk of injury & be more confident on the slopes.

If you missed out on a place on our BoxFit Boot Camp, we are hoping to add another class to our timetable starting next week. Reply to this email and let us know you want to hear about it first.

Lots and lots and lots more to come.

Wishing you & your family a fantastic 2018!

Heather & the HA fitness team x

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£10 unlimited class pass for the month of December!

New To HA fitness (Or Know Someone Who Is)?

Here’s an offer you can’t pass up -  £10 unlimited class pass for the month of December!

We're offering a £10 unlimited class pass to anyone who has not trained with us before. It can be used as often as you like between 1 - 23 December at any of our Fit In The Park or Buggyfit classes.

Everyone is welcome, from those who rarely exercise, to those who love to train. Check out our class timetable and then head over to our BootCamp page to book your pass.

If you've already had a free trial with us, or have previously purchased one of our class passes, I'm afraid this offer isn't for you. Please spread the word to any friends who may be interested!

Let’s get Festive and Fit In The Park!


Posted by Heather Waghorn.

Kettlebells BootCamp In South Park Gardens - 2 Class Special!

Due to popular demand, we've added 2 more Wednesday night Kettlebells sessions onto the timetable!

These 2 sessions will challenge your cardio system, muscular strength & endurance. Your core will be fired up and your glutes will be switched on big time. In other words, you'll burn calories and sculpt your whole body, all in one go!

We're limiting the numbers, so that we can give you individual attention based on your experience and ability. So make sure you don't miss out, and book your place today!

  • When: Wednesday 19th July and/or Wednesday 26th July

We will try to put on 2 classes for both evenings, but if we don't get the numbers (we know a lot of you are away), there will be just one class at the earlier time:

If you book and can't get to the session for some reason, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes. Please note that our Boot Camps are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Book now! This Boot Camp is suitable for all levels. But if you have any back issues, or have had a baby in the last 6 months, this Boot Camp won't be right for you at the moment, sorry.  If you're not sure, just drop us a line. Head over to our BootCamp page to book, or contact us for more info.

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Important Class Update

Tennis fortnight is about to begin!

We do love all of the Championship buzz, but it also means that one of our lovely training grounds, Wimbledon Park, turns into a campsite!

We're determined not to cancel any of our classes, so here's the plan for the next 2 weeks.

Buggyfit postnatal classes will take place in Durnsford Park (see below). We'll be there at our regular times of 11.00am on Mondays & 11.00am on Thursdays. If you've got older children, bring them along as there is a fantastic little playground!

Our Monday and Wednesday 6.15am sessions will meet just outside of the Revelstoke Road Wimbledon Park gate. We'll then be putting you through your paces either in or around the park. Please don't bring lots of stuff with you, as we maybe moving around a bit. It should be lots of fun though!

Fit In The Park Saturday 9.00am - we will confirm the location this week for you.

Durnsford Park is a lovely green area just off Durnsford Road (put SW19 8EY into your sat nav). You'll find street parking (pay-at-machine) on Wellington, Lucien, Gordondale, Havana & Mount Roads. It's a bit further away from where all the action is, so there are no Wimbledon Tennis parking restrictions.

Obviously we do recommend leaving your car at home & giving your workout an extra boost by walking, running or cycling to our classes. However, if you're driving around Wimbledon during the tennis fortnight, it can get very busy, so it's wise to plan in extra travel time. Parking can also be challenging as there are restrictions in place.

All of our South Park Gardens classes will be running as normal & everyone is welcome to come along. Check out our timetable for full details of all our classes. Be warned though, we've got some great workouts planned & we may even include a tennis theme here & there. We know this is a busy time, but we'd love to see as many of you as possible training with us over the coming weeks. If you need to renew your pass, or buy a pay-as-you-go session, head over to our purchase page.


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Have you plans for the long weekend?

If not, here's a little help for planning your next 3 days...

Saturday in Wimbledon will be a "mostly dry day with sunny spells developing, and just the odd light shower possible" (Met Office).

So join us tomorrow for Fit In The Park in the sunshine!

Sunday's outlook is "bright and breezy, but with a chance of rain later." So head out for a walk/jog/run in the morning and maybe plan a healthy casserole for the evening (best leave the BBQ in the shed).

It's then going to be "rather cloudy on Monday with some rain, clearing later with winds easing."

We're not running any classes on Monday, so maybe enjoy an easy morning and a bike ride for the afternoon (pack your waterproofs just in case).

We're then back up and running again for a "mostly dry Tuesday with sunny spells".

Check out our full Fit In The Park and Buggyfit timetable here, and then buy your class passes online here.
P.S. This weather report was from the Met Office don't blame me if it rains all weekend!


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South Park Gardens - Fit in The Park - Summer's coming, we're outside tonight!

Fit In The Park will be back in the park tonight! It's a fantastic way to start the week. We get a lovely mix of both men & women of all fitness levels coming along.

For those of you who don't know it, South Park Gardens is just a 5 min walk from Wimbledon station. If you're driving, there's free parking in Effra, Faraday & Clarence Roads after 6.30pm (some of the other roads are metered at this time). 

So get those trainers on & join us at 7.30pm tonight for some outdoor fitness fun. You can use your HA fitness class passes or drop-in. All details are on our website.

If you can't make it tonight, check out our timetable to find another class that suits you. Don't forget, we've also got lots of exciting courses and BootCamps coming up. Check our web page for more information.

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Exercise your Eggs Off In Wimbledon!

Yes, we're thinking about Easter all ready and we'll no doubt have you hopping around the park like a bunny at some point.

But before I get into that, it's Mother's Day in a couple of weeks time, and if you need (or would like to drop hints for) a fantastic gift, why not go for one of our Gift Vouchers? Or book that amazing woman in your life onto one of our BootCamps or courses (see below). It'll last longer than flowers and is better for the waistline than chocolates!

On that note, if you'd like to burn-off any chocolaty indulgences in advance, we're running a special class on Good Friday (14 April) at 9.30am in South Park Gardens which will replace our regular Fit In The Park session. It's suitable for all levels and abilities and we'd love to see your husbands, wives, partners, family & friends there too. Children can come & play nearby & babies in buggies are welcome (they all remain your responsibility!).

It's a busy time of year for everyone, so we'd like to know how many people will be joining us. We’re therefore asking everyone to book & pay in advance (your class passes won't be valid). It's just £8 for 1 person or £14 for 2. Hop over to our BootCamp page to sign-up now while you're still thinking about it.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that our Saturday classes in Wimbledon Park and in South Park Gardens will all be running as normal over the Easter period. Unfortunately there will be no Buggyfit classes on Bank Monday, however we'd love to see you all with or without your little ones on Good Friday and Easter Saturday!

As always, you're welcome to drop-in on any of our Buggyfit or Fit In The Park classes (check out our busy timetable online), but it does work out cheaper to buy one of our class passes in advance.

Happy Training,

Heather & the HA team x

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South Park Gardens BootCamp - Last Call!

After kicking off our March BootCamp in Wimbledon Park this week, we're now getting excited about launching our South Park Gardens BootCamp on Monday. Here's all of the info on what we'll be doing and why you should be there.

When And Where Is It?

Our next BootCamp will take place at 6.15 - 7.00am everyday from Monday 6 March through to Friday 10 March. There will also be a bonus/catch-up session at 7.45am on Saturday 11 March.

We'll be training in South Park Gardens, which is a beautiful park just a 5 minute walk from the Broadway in central Wimbledon.

What Will It Involve?

Each session will have a different focus, incorporating both strength and cardio training.

We'll be mainly be following a format of short bursts of exercise, followed by brief rest periods. This is a great way to burn lots of calories. Even during the rest time, your calorie-burning rate will be high!

Just give us everything you've got for 45 minutes, everyday, for 5 days. We'll do the rest.

Who Will Be There?

People like you! We welcome both men & ladies of all abilities to join us. We're happy to motivate and challenge everyone, from those who are just starting on their fitness journey to seasoned athletes.

Everyone at our classes are very supportive of each other and the camaraderie is immeasurable. There's nothing like a tough workout to help people bond!

The HA team will also be there to motivate you and to get the best out of you. Don’t worry, we also want you to enjoy it and have some fun too!

Why Should You Join Us?

Our fast-paced workouts will blast away that extra winter weight. The back-to-back sessions will both challenge & motivate you. It's also a fantastic & fun way to kickstart to your fitness!

How Much Does It Cost And How Do I Join?

It's just £45 for the 5 days plus a bonus/catch-up session on Saturday. Head over to our BootCamp page to book your place.

Happy Training,
Heather & the HA team x

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