Bootcamps & Courses

If you answer yes to any of these questions, read on!

- Are you preparing to run an important race this year?
- Do you want to become a better & more motivated runner?
- Do you want to lose some of that inevitable Christmas weight gain?
- Do you want to develop your core & lower body strength?

Then join our monthly Run Club on Wimbledon Common, starting on Saturday 3rd February. Run by our lovely trainer, Claire Grima, she's really experienced at training people of all ages, levels & abilities. With marathon finishing times that the rest of the HA fitness team gawp at, she is definitely the perfect trainer for this course, no matter what your level is!

The finer details

When: Once per month, leading up to the London Marathon:

Saturday 3rd February 2018
Saturday 3rd March 2018
Saturday 7th April 2018

Time: 7.30-8.30am

Where: Wimbledon Common

Cost: £10 per class or £25 if you book the 3 classes together.

This course is perfect if you are preparing for an important run, ranging from a 5km to a marathon. It will also suit you if you just want to get fit, lose some weight & develop your core & lower body strength. Come & give running a go, once you get the bug, you’ll be running between each monthly session & you won’t look back!

An extra workout?

Claire will then run our Fit In The Park class in Wimbledon Park straight after Run Club – for an extra work out, meet her there to carry on your training!

Places are limited, so don't hang around! Click below to book online.

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Tell us about your running...

This 6-week BoxFit Boot Camp with Antonio is an ultra-calorie burning workout that’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping. Using boxing pads and gloves, you'll work your whole body, whilst challenging your strength, speed and endurance. It's lots of fun and a great stress buster too!

There are 4 sessions you can choose from:

Tues 7.15pm at Garfield School, SW19 8SB
Tues 8.15pm at Garfield School, SW19 8SB
Wed 7.15pm at Holy Trinity Church, SW19 1SB (FULL)
Wed 8.15pm at Holy Trinity Church, SW19 1SB

Dates: 20 February to 28 March 2018

Cost: £54 for 6 sessions (if you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes).

This Boot Camp is suitable for all levels. However, if you have any back issues, or have had a baby in the last 6 months, it won't be right for you at the moment. If you're not sure, please get in touch.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Sign-up today and become a Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine! We'll be limiting numbers due to the space and equipment available, so book your place now!

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Going skiing at in March? Got a marathon/half marathon/10K race coming up? Then this course is for you.

Building on the success of our previous Ski-Fit BootCamp, we're now running a second one, but this time opening it up to runners too.

The focus will be on building leg strength to improve performance and reduce injury (whether you're skiing or running - or both!).

Our RunFit / Ski-Fit BootCamp will help you to:

- Strengthen your whole body, with particular focus on the legs and core
- Improve your muscular endurance & stamina
- Sharpen your balance and agility
- Build your aerobic fitness

This is a progressive course, with each session building on what we worked on the previous week.

Time: 6.15 - 7.00am
Place: South Park Gardens
Dates: Every Tuesday morning from 20th Feb through to 27 Mar 2018
Cost: £54 for the 6 sessions (NB, if you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes).