Kicking our way into Spring at Buggyfit in Wimbledon!

Who’s joining us at Buggyift in the sunshine on Thursday?

Meet us in South Park Gardens at 9.30am and then at 11.00am in Wimbledon Park.

Free trials to all newcommers! Just message us for all details first.

(Sunshine not guaranteed)


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Lovely feedback from one of our Wimbledon Buggyfit mums

We received this lovely message last week from one of our mums:

"I can’t say how important these Buggyfit sessions were when on mat leave with my two boys. They made me get up and out, get fit and feel motivated. Always followed by a coffee and a cathartic mum-moan, they became one of highlights of my week. The friends I met there are still friends and I have even kept up with the lovely trainers for personal training sessions. Book in or turn up, you won’t be disappointed 👍. They will be there rain or shine!"

If you're a new mum and would like to try out a class for free, meet us here every Monday and Thursday:

9.30am South Park Gardens
11.00am Wimbledon Park

All levels and abilities will be made very welcome!

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NCT Big Push On Wimbledon Common

Looking forward to The Big Push tomorrow on Wimbledon Common with NCT Wimbledon & District!

Why don't you join us us for a 5K buggy walk this Sunday to raise money to develop and improve mental health services for parents?

Tickets are just £5. AND if you enter as part of our Buggyfit team, you’ll also receive a FREE BUGGYFIT T-SHIRT to wear on the day plus 2 CLASS PASSES!

Unfortunately, many parents suffer in silence and don’t get the support they need, often reaching crisis point. When a new mum or dad suffers from any form of mental health problem, the effects can be devastating for the whole family.

The Wimbledon and District Big Push event is in support of the NCT's Hidden Half campaign, which is fighting for a change to the six-week postnatal checks making sure that new mothers are not overlooked, and that any mental health problems get picked up sooner. Some of the funds raised will also go to each participating branch so they can support perinatal mental health issues in their local area.

All you need to do is register online here

If you'd like to donate to this excellent cause, head over to the justgiving page:.

Hope to see lots of our Buggyfit Mums there tomorrow. We'll be meeting at the Tea Rooms at 9.30am for a 10.00am start.

Giving lonliness the Big Push.jpg
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Buggyfit In Wimbledon Park!

Absolutely stunning morning in Wimbledon Park for Buggyfit today!

Well done to all of our mums for working out so hard. And well done to all of the babies and little ones for allowing their mums a little bit of “me time” this morning.

We’re back in Wimbledon Park again for our Buggyfit postnatal classes next week on Mondays and Thursdays at 11am. Also in South Park Gardens on the same days at 9.30am.

See you there!

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NCT BIG PUSH on Wimbledon Common - Join Us?

Giving lonliness the Big Push.jpg

Exciting news! We’re looking for 10 lovely people to join our team for the NCT BIG PUSH on Wimbledon Common!

Join us for a 5K buggy walk on 30th September to raise money to develop and improve mental health services for parents.

Tickets are just £5, AND if you enter as part of our Buggyfit team, you’ll also receive a FREE BUGGYFIT T-SHIRT to wear on the day plus 2 CLASS PASSES!

All you need to do is register online here https://www.nct.org.uk/branches/wimbledon-district-28 or head over to the NCT Wimbledon & District Facebook page.

Then comment below to let us know you want to be on our team!

Why not join us in the park and get some training in? Our Wimbledon Buggyfit classes take place at the following times:

South Park Gardens:
Mondays @ 9.30am
Thursdays @ 9.30am

Wimbledon Park:
Mondays @ 11.00am
Thursdays @ 11.00am

Comment below or message us if you'd like anymore info. We're looking forward to seeing lots of you on Wimbledon Common on the 30th Sept!

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Monday Nights And Easter Days!

egg lifting weights.jpg

Here's a quick update about what's going on over the next week or so...

Join us tonight at 7.50pm for our last class at the Holy Trinity School until the Autumn. We'll be back out in the fresh air in South Park Gardens at the earlier time of 7.15pm on Monday 9th April!

All of our classes in South Park Gardens and Wimbledon Park will not be taking place on Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday.

The good news is, all of our Saturday classes will be running as normal! Here's what we've got planned:

If you need to update your class pass, then head over to our website to purchase online. Or drop-in to any of our sessions for £10 a go. All newcomers are very welcome to try us out for free.

If you fancy something different, we've got just 1 space left on our Pilates course in the South Park Gardens Cafe with Sophie. We've also got a few places left on our Running BootCamp session with Claire. Head over to our BootCamp page to find out more and to book your place!

Happy Training,

Heather and the HA fitness Team x

P.S. Check out our Facebook (hafitnessltd) for some great tips, our latest class details and, of course some great photos.

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Ready for Action!

Happy New Year!

Ready for action.jpg

It's that time of year when your inbox is full of "Unleash The New You" and "New Year, New You" emails. Well, here's another one, but it's short so do bear with us...

We're kicking off 2018 with our 6.15am Fit In The Park class in Wimbledon Park tomorrow morning. Why don't you join us? It'll be fun and you'll burn loads of calories, we promise.

If you can't get to that one, we're in South Park Gardens at 6.15am on Thursday, so no excuses!

Our Buggyfit classes are back in the park this Thursday too. Meet us in South Park Gardens at 9.30am and then 11.00am in Wimbledon Park.

Check out our full Buggyfit and Fit In The Park timetable, and then head over to our purchase page to buy your passes online.

If you've been tempted by our January HIIT Boot Camps in Wimbledon Park  and South Park Gardens, but haven't signed up yet, do it now!

Going skiing? Join our Ski-Fit Boot Camp to get the most out of your trip, reduce your risk of injury & be more confident on the slopes.

If you missed out on a place on our BoxFit Boot Camp, we are hoping to add another class to our timetable starting next week. Reply to this email and let us know you want to hear about it first.

Lots and lots and lots more to come.

Wishing you & your family a fantastic 2018!

Heather & the HA fitness team x

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Who's Coming To Our March BootCamps?


It's meant to be the hottest day of the year so far today, wahoo!

This has got to be the best time of year to be outside exercising. You're surrounded by so many natural motivators. Fresh air to boost your energy levels. Sunny skies to lift your mood. And new colours bursting through to make you smile.

It's time to catch a little spring fever - join us!

We have 2 great BootCamps coming up in Wimbledon Park and South Park Gardens. We've also got a few places left on our Strengthen, Stretch & Restore Course which starts tomorrow night.

To get your full quota of exercise and sunshine, have a look at our Buggyfit and Fit In The Park class timetable. Which classes can you do this week? As always, you're welcome to drop-in on any of these timetabled sessions, but it does work out cheaper to buy one of our class passes online.

Happy Sunny Training,

Heather & the HA team x

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Buggyfit In Wimbledon

Buggyfit Wimbledon

Did you know that pushing a buggy burns around 20% more calories than walking without one?

So why not join us reaping the benefits of outdoor exercise at our Buggyfit classes in Wimbledon? Meet other mums, burn calories, tone-up & strengthen your core muscles.

It's a sociable & safe way to get back into exercise after having your baby. Workout at a level that suits you & then progress when you feel ready.

No childcare required, simply enjoy the fresh air together!

- Mon: 9.30am, South Park Gardens
- Mon: 11.00am, Wimbledon Park
- Thurs: 9.30am South Park Gardens
- Thurs: 11.00am, Wimbledon Park
- Fri: 11.00am, Wimbledon Common

We have a really flexible class pass system. Buy a block of 10 sessions for £75 (you can use your pass at any of our classes) or drop-in for £10.

Find out more on our Buggyfit page or get in touch for more info.

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Price Increase Coming Up - Get In Quick!

Get Fit

Just to let you know, our drop-in rate for Buggyfit & Fit In The Park is going up to £10 on Friday (it's currently at £9). Basically, having a round number will make things a lot quicker at the beginning of the classes, as we won't have to keep handing out £1 coins in change!

Our 20 class pass will also be going up from £125 to £130. We feel that at £6.50 a class, this is still excellent value for money.

The 10 class passes will stay at the same price of £75, so it's worth buying one if you're currently doing a lot of drop-ins.

Our class passes can be used at any of our Buggyfit or Fit In The Park classes in South Park Gardens, Wimbledon Park & on Wimbledon Common. Check out our timetable so see which classes will suit you best.

The class prices will go up at midday this Friday (after Buggyfit on Wimbledon Common).

If you'd like to save a bit of cash, you can purchase either a drop-in or class pass online before the prices go up. Any passes bought online at the current price, maybe redeemed throughout February. We're allowing one pass (at the current price) to be bought per person. So get online & save some money today!

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You can do it fitness

Many of us make fitness resolutions at the beginning of the year, but find that by the end of January the initial enthusiasm and passion begins to fade.

If this sounds like you, it's time to do something different. Get a fresh approach.

It's common to start the year full of ambition. Only to find that that life just gets in the way, and you feel like you're falling off the wagon. To make your resolutions last, the changes you make have to comfortably fit within your current lifestyle. What do you need to do to get results without too much upheaval?

You also need to honestly accept your current health and fitness levels. Do a sanity check on what actually needs fixing. Then, look positively at all of the things you can change, rather than negatively lingering over the problems you can't resolve.

Make a realistic plan that’s sustainable and achievable. Get some advice from friends or professionals to get you on the right track and stay motivated.

Why not sign-up for an HA fitness class pass or some personal training sessions to keep you motivated? We've also got some great BootCamps coming up! All the links for more info are below, or drop me a line.

Remember, if you change nothing, nothing will change.

Best wishes

Fit In The Park
Buggyfit Postnatal Fitness
Class Timetable
Personal Training

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Wimbledon Buggyfit Timetable - New Classes!


Don't wait until January to join our postnatal fitness classes! We have a busy timetable with Buggyfit classes in 3 stunning Wimbledon locations.

9.30am South Park Gardens
11.00am Wimbledon Park (New class)

9.30am South Park Gardens
11.00am Wimbledon Park

11.00am Wimbledon Common (New class)

Click on the above links for details of meeting points & parking for each location. You're welcome to drop-in for £9 or buy one of our 10/20 class passes. Head over to our Buggyfit page for more info, or drop us a line.


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Our Last Classes Of 2016!

We're running our Fit In The Park and Buggyfit classes right up until 23 December (check out our timetable for the details). We've then got our Mince Pie Burn-off sessions to keep you fit in between Christmas & the New Year!

Our last classes this year will be:

Fit In The Park:
Fri 23 Dec, 9.30am, South Park Gardens

Buggyfit postnatal:
Fri 23 Dec, 11.00am, Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Park BootCamp:
Mon 12 Dec - Fri 23 Dec

We're giving a 1 week extension on all class passes over the Christmas period.

It's a Bank Holiday on Monday 2nd January we'll be back up & running with our regular timetable on 3 January.

As you all hopefully know by now, we've got a very flexible class pass system. You can either pay-as-you-go or save a bit of money & buy one of our class passes. Check out our payment page for all the details.

In the meantime, don't forget to book your place on our Mince Pie Burn-off sessions on 24 and 28 December.

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Buggyfit: NEW Timetable Starts On Monday!

We try hard to get our class timetable to be just how you want it. Recently you've asked us for a Monday Buggyfit class in Wimbledon Park & put our Wimbledon Common Buggyfit classes back on again. So we have!

Our new Buggyfit postnatal class time is below & starts on Monday 14th November!

9.30am South Park Gardens
11.00am Wimbledon Park (NEW)

9.30am South Park Gardens
11.00am Wimbledon Park

11.00am Wimbledon Common (NEW)

Please note, our last WEDNESDAY class in Wimbledon Park is on 16th November.

We've got a very flexible class pass system. You can either pay-as-you-go or buy one of our class passes online. Head over to our purchase page for all the details.

You're welcome to join us at Buggyfit as soon as you've had your GP check-up. More details on our Buggyfit page.

Drop us a line if you have any queries.





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BUGGYFIT MUMS - Get a 15% discount off BundleBean!!

Wimbledon has started to get chilly! Make sure your little one is well wrapped up at the classes. If you've not bought a cosy cover for your buggy yet, have a look at the BundleBean Go. It's perfect for families on the move and they come Buggyfit recommended!

A great alternative to costly footmuffs or cosy toes, this gorgeous waterproof cover fits snugly on to all buggies, bike seats, rear facing car seats and carriers/slings. Opens out flat as a travel picnic rug or play mat. Fits all ages from newborn to 4 years+.

BundleBeans are machine washable, 100% water and wind proof and fleece lined to keep your little bundle all warm and dry.

Also take a look at the BundleBean Buggy Organiser. It has a universal fit, is wipe clean and ever so practical for storing, wipes, nappies, bottles whatever!

We have teamed up with our friends at BundleBean to offer you an exclusive 15% discount on all BundleBeans and Buggy Organisers.

Simply use the code ‘BUGGYFIT’ when you check out!


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The Christmas Countdown Has Begun!

Life is going to get busy with parties, school plays, shopping & the usual work/life balance stuff.

But don't let the next 6 weeks slip away into the festive madness. Commit to your health, your fitness and your workouts. You'll feel much better for it. And you'll also be so much more confident wearing that little black dress (slim-fit designer shirt for the guys?)

It's time to plan ahead, commit & book your workouts into your diary now. Check out our timetable & BootCamps coming up in November and December!

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Buggyfit at The Baby Show, Olympia!

Buggyfit will be at the Baby Show, Olympia this weekend (21-23 Oct)!

If you'd like tickets to the show, you're welcome to use our PUSHABYE discount code for a 35% reduction on the price.

Heather will be helping on the stall on Friday 21 Oct. If you're one of our regular Buggyfit mums, do pop over and say hi. Or if you're interested in finding out more about postnatal fitness in Wimbledon and South West London, we'd love to have a chat.

We run 4 Buggyfit classes in Wimbledon a week. Check out our timetable for all the details or contact us for more info.

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Bank Holiday Opening Hours: Wimbledon Park & South Park Gardens

The HA team are all off doing exciting things over the August Bank Holiday weekend & we're guessing many of you are busy too. There will be no classes from Fri 26 Aug (tomorrow) to Mon 29 Aug inclusive.

However we've decided to put on a special one-off Tues evening class on 30 August in South Park Gardens. It'll be 7.30-8.30pm & everyone is welcome, including our Buggyfit mums & Wimbledon Park gang. Just bring your class passes or do pay-as-you-go (£9).

All of our other Fit In The Park & Buggyfit sessions will be going ahead as normal from Wednesday. Check out our timetable for the details.

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Make It Happen!

It's summer holiday time! If you're not going away over the next couple of weeks, make sure you join us in the park. We've got a full timetable for you, with only a couple of changes to our Wimbledon Park early sessions (see below).

All mums are welcome to our Buggyfit classes over the summer, including those with older children. Your little or big ones are welcome to play/sleep/eat/read nearby whilst you train (as always, your children remain your responsibility). Head over to our timetable for all the details.

If our daytime sessions don't work for you, why not join us at 6.15am? You can choose to finish at either 7.00am or 7.15am. When it's warm, there's no better time to exercise than in the cool early in the morning. Before work. Before the rest of the family are up. Before you've managed to think up all those excuses not to do it!

Here's the plan for Wimbledon Park early classes over the next couple of weeks. We hope to see lots of you there tomorrow morning! Come into the park via the Revelstoke Road entrance & you'll see us.

Wimbledon Park Early Classes Next Week...
Mon 1 Aug: 6.15am - 7.00/7.15am
Wed 3 Aug: 6.15am - 7.00/7.15am
Fri 5 Aug: No class
And The Following Week...
Mon 8 Aug: 6.15am - 7.00/7.15am
Wed 10 Aug: No class
Fri 12 Aug: 6.15am - 7.00/7.15am
All of our other Fit In The Park & Buggyfit sessions will be going ahead as normal over the next few weeks. You can buy your pass online & then pick it up at your next class.
Don't forget to apply suncream & squirt some bug spray on (especially for our early morning & evening sessions).
Happy Training,

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Set Your Alarm For Early!

Thanks to everyone who completed our Wimbledon Park Survey. We've now re-jigged our summer timetable accordingly. We've added some Monday mornings in as they're so popular with you, & taken out a couple of other days, as we know many of you will be away (see below).

Grab your diary, here's what's coming up over the next couple of weeks. Which early morning sessions will you come to?

This week...
Mon 25 July: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
Wed 27 July: Sorry, NO 6.15am class
Thu 28 July: 6.15am South Park Gardens
Friday 29 July:  6.15am Wimbledon Park
Next week...
Mon 1 Aug: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
Wed 3 Aug: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
Thu 4 Aug: 6.15am South Park Gardens
Fri 5 Aug: Sorry, NO 6.15am class

In Wimbledon Park we meet just inside the Revelstoke Road entrance. In South Park Gardens, we meet in near the Trinity Road gate.
All of our other Fit In The Park & Buggyfit classes will be going ahead as normal. Check out our timetable for all the details. Don't forget to buy your pass online first.
Happy summer holidays!

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