Worried About Those Festive Calories?

At this time of year, every newspaper will come up with a different number of kilos which we should expect to put on over the Christmas period. But it doesn't have to be like that. Here are a few of our bulge beating tips:

Don’t passively eat extra calories - make those Christmas treats worthwhile!

If you fancy one of those festive coffees, do it. But do it when you have time to sit down and enjoy every last one of those syrupy, creamy calories. The rest of the time, stick to your usual coffee. You don’t have to drink a gingerbread latte topped with freshly whipped cream, gold stars and a gingerbread man, every single time you pass a Costa. Have it once for an indulgent treat, and make sure you really enjoy it.

Pass on the indulgent love - tactfully!

Guests feel obliged to bring treats whenever they visit at this time of year. But don’t feel obliged to consume them. Discreetly re-gift, or donate to a food bank or soup kitchen. Basically, just get them out the house before you get chance to rip open the cellophane wrapper.

Keep it in perspective - you can do it!

Parties, broken routines, travel & stress means that most of us are less active & eat more in December.  Accept that this might happen, but avoid going down the “I’ve blown my diet, I may as well keep going” route. Make some healthy choices, fit in some exercise and you'll feel much better for it.

The shops are only closed for one day - don't panic!

Avoid stockpiling crisps, nuts and snacks, just in case someone pops in (and then polish them off yourself because "it’ll be a shame to waste them"). Buy the things you’ll need and no more.

Select your festive treats carefully - there's lots of hidden calories you can easily avoid!

Here are a few simple swaps you can make:

- Buy/make open top mince tarts as these can have around 50 calories less than mince pies with lids on.
- Choose satsumas to graze on rather than nuts. If you can't resist the nuts, buy ones with shells on, you'll eat a lot less of them.
- Avoid drinking creamy cocktails, Baileys and sweetened mulled wine. Stick to fizz (the bubbles will fill you up) or regular wine.

Join our Mince Pie Burn-Offs - fun calorie crushing workouts

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Posted by Heather Waghorn.