South Park Gardens Early Morning BootCamp - Starts 21 November

Join us in South Park Gardens for our November 5 day back-to-back BootCamp.

Join us in the park everyday at 6.15-7.00am, from Monday 21 November through to Friday 25 November (plus a bonus session on Saturday 26 November).

Each day we will focus on a different areas of the body, mixing it up with a huge variety of exercises & workouts. You'll get to train with a few of the HA fitness team, so that you can benefit from our different styles (& idiosyncrasies!).

No matter what your goals, whether it be weight loss, boost your fitness levels or tone-up, you'll feel great (& smug!) by day 5.

Book your place now before you change your mind. You'll get far more compliments for working out than you will from sleeping in!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.