Kingfisher Aquathlon

Our local triathlon club is organising an Aquathlon (swim then run) on 14 April. It’s perfect timing if you want to get some practice in for a triathlon later in the season. Or if you just fancy a different type of challenge or trying something new.

Start with a swim in the brand new Morden Leisure Centre pool. Then run through the beautiful, traffic-free Morden park.


Standard distance (17+ yrs): Swim 300m (12L), Run 9k
GoTri distance (17+ yrs): Swim 200m (8L), Run 4.5k
TriStar Start (8yrs): Swim 50m (2L), Run 500m
TriStar1 (9-10yrs): Swim 100m (4L), Run 1k
TriStar2 (11-12yrs): Swim 200m (8L), Run 2k
TriStar3 (13-14yrs): Swim 300m (12L), Run 3k
Youth (15-16yrs): Swim 300m (12L), Run 4.5k
Junior (17-19yrs): Swim 300m (12L), Run 4.5k

Swim splits, run laps and run splits (incl T1), and finish times will be available.

The Kingfisher Aquathlon Standard distance race will be part of the London League Series 2019
The Kingfisher Aquathlon TriStar/Youth/Junior races will be part of the London Junior Series 2019

Free cake for all race finishers
Free parking

Entry closes 10th April 2019 at noon. Head over to the Kingfisher Triathletes website to book your place!

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Last Call For BootCamps!

Now that half term is nearly over and the signs of Spring are starting to peek through, it's time to come out of hiding and treat yourself to a BootCamp!

We've got 4 great courses coming up. Head over to our BootCamp page for all the details. From BoxFit to Cardio Pilates, and Body Sculpting to SkiFit, there's something for everyone.

All of our Fit In The Park classes (except for our postponsed Monday nights) and Buggyfit sessions are running as normal.

The forecast promises some lovely spring weather next week, so do join us in the park!

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Ski-Fit BootCamp - Wimbledon Jan 19

Get yourself ski-fit prior to your holiday and ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Our Ski-Fit Programme will help you to:

- Strengthen your whole body, with particular focus on the legs and core
- Improve your muscular endurance & stamina
- Sharpen your balance and agility
- Build your aerobic fitness

This is a progressive 6-week course, with each session building on what we worked on the previous week.

Time: 6.15 - 7.00am
Place: South Park Gardens
Dates: Every Tuesday morning from 8th Jan through to 12 February 2019
Cost: £54 for the 6 sessions
(NB, if you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes).

Please note that our BootCamps are non-refundable and non-transferable. You must complete a health form before you join, and you attend at your own risk. Please also read our full Terms And Conditions.

There are limited spaces available, so book your place now!

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SkiFit BootCamp - Jan/Feb 17

Get yourself ski-fit prior to your holiday to ensure you get the most out of your trip, reduce your risk of injury & be more confident on the slopes.

Our Ski-Fit Programme will help you to:

- Strengthen your whole body, with particular focus on the legs and core
- Improve your muscular endurance & stamina
- Sharpen your balance and agility
- Build your aerobic fitness

This is a progressive 5-week course, with each session building on what we worked on the previous week.

Time: 6.15 - 7.00am
Place: South Park Gardens
Dates: Every Tuesday morning from 9th Jan through to 6 February 2018
Cost: £45 for the 5 sessions
(NB, if you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes).

There are limited spaces available, so book your place now!

Please note that our BootCamps are non-refundable and non-transferable. You must complete a health form before you join, and you attend at your own risk. Please also read our full Terms And Conditions.

Head over to our BootCamp page to book your place!

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Mince Pie Burn-Off BootCamps

Join us for some challenging and fun festive workouts over the Christmas period. Come and blast away those excess festive calories (or make room for more!).

When and Where?

26 December with Antonio:
Wimbledon Park 8.30 - 9.30am
South Park Gardens 10.00 - 11.00am

29 December with Sophie:
Wimbledon Park 8.00 - 9.00am
South Park Gardens 9.30 - 10.30am

30 December with Antonio:
Wimbledon Park 8.00 - 9.00am
South Park Gardens 9.30 - 10.30am

Tempted to join us?

All levels & abilities are welcome to join our Mince Pie Burn-Off BootCamps

We'd like you to pre-book these sessions as our class passes won't be valid, sorry. We know that, like us, you're probably really busy over the festive season, so we hope you understand why we need your commitment in advance. Final bookings for our Mince Pie Burn-Offs close on 22 December.

1 person per BootCamp = £10
2 people per BootCamp = £15

Please note that our BootCamps are non-refundable and non-transferable. You must complete a health form before you join, and you attend at your own risk. Please also read our full Terms And Conditions.

Book now while you're still thinking about it!

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5-day bootcamp next week anyone?

As we all seem to be waking up really early at the moment, it seemed a good idea to put on an early morning 5-day HIIT BeachBody Bootcamp next week in South Park Gardens!

The goal?

To make the most of those extra hours awake, and to do some last minute work on that beach body!

Tempted to join us?

Just give us everything you've got for 45 minutes, everyday, for 5 days. Our fast-paced workouts will blast away that extra winter weight. The back-to-back sessions will both challenge and motivate you.

Who should come?

We welcome both men and ladies of all abilities to join us. It'll be a fantastic and fun way to boost to your summer fitness whatever your current level.

How does it work?

HIIT BeachBody BootCamp will run every morning from 6.15 - 7.00am in South Park Gardens from 26th June to 30th June. If you miss a class, you're welcome to make it up at our Saturday session either at 7.45am or 9.00am.

How do you sign-up?

It's just £45 for the 5 days. Book your place now!

Bookings will close for this BootCamp end of play tomorrow (Friday). This gives us the weekend to plan an amazing week for you!


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South Park Gardens BootCamp - Last Call!

After kicking off our March BootCamp in Wimbledon Park this week, we're now getting excited about launching our South Park Gardens BootCamp on Monday. Here's all of the info on what we'll be doing and why you should be there.

When And Where Is It?

Our next BootCamp will take place at 6.15 - 7.00am everyday from Monday 6 March through to Friday 10 March. There will also be a bonus/catch-up session at 7.45am on Saturday 11 March.

We'll be training in South Park Gardens, which is a beautiful park just a 5 minute walk from the Broadway in central Wimbledon.

What Will It Involve?

Each session will have a different focus, incorporating both strength and cardio training.

We'll be mainly be following a format of short bursts of exercise, followed by brief rest periods. This is a great way to burn lots of calories. Even during the rest time, your calorie-burning rate will be high!

Just give us everything you've got for 45 minutes, everyday, for 5 days. We'll do the rest.

Who Will Be There?

People like you! We welcome both men & ladies of all abilities to join us. We're happy to motivate and challenge everyone, from those who are just starting on their fitness journey to seasoned athletes.

Everyone at our classes are very supportive of each other and the camaraderie is immeasurable. There's nothing like a tough workout to help people bond!

The HA team will also be there to motivate you and to get the best out of you. Don’t worry, we also want you to enjoy it and have some fun too!

Why Should You Join Us?

Our fast-paced workouts will blast away that extra winter weight. The back-to-back sessions will both challenge & motivate you. It's also a fantastic & fun way to kickstart to your fitness!

How Much Does It Cost And How Do I Join?

It's just £45 for the 5 days plus a bonus/catch-up session on Saturday. Head over to our BootCamp page to book your place.

Happy Training,
Heather & the HA team x

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Do It For The After Selfie!

Saturday Fitness

4 Ways You Can Be Awesome This Weekend

1) Bring Your Mats To Classes

It'd really help us out if you could bring your mat to all of our Fit In The Park and BootCamp sessions. Especially this Saturday in South Park Gardens. Antonio is running the class and won't have quite as many as Kate usually does. Thank you!

2) Sign-Up to Our Wimbledon Park February BootCamp

We've got a fantastic group of people who are committed to working out with us early in the morning in Wimbledon Park.

Why don't you join us? You'll get a full body workout combining strength, cardio, endurance, core & functional movement. All levels & abilities welcome.

Time: 6.15 - 7.00am

Place: Wimbledon Park, near the Revelstoke Road entrance.

Mon 30 Jan, Wed 1 Feb
Mon 6 Feb, Wed 8 Feb
Mon 13 Feb, Wed 15 Feb
Mon 20 Feb, Wed 22 Feb
Fri 24 Feb (Bonus/Catch-up class)

Book now or get in touch for more info.

3) Buy Your Ticket For Our Night Out!

Who says it’s all training and no play?!

HA fitness is turning 11 this year and we think this give us reason to celebrate! Come and join us for eats, drinks and much merriment at The Burger Shack & Bar in Wimbledon Village on Thursday 2nd February from 7.30pm.

For £15, your ticket will include a drink on arrival and a buffet of tantalising food platters including vegetarian and meat burger sliders, salt beef croquettes, ale battered cod strips, curly fries and more.

So whether you're a Fit In The Parker, Buggyfit mum or PT client, we really hope you can join us. Book your ticket online now!

4) Join Us At Fit In The Park Tomorrow!

Everyone is welcome to our Saturday sessions. You can use your class passes or drop-in for £9.00.

Which one will you do?

7.45am - 8.30am South Park Gardens
9.00am -10.00am South Park Gardens
9.00am - 10.00am Wimbledon Park

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas?

I was listening to the radio on a long car journey yesterday, and they were talking about "yule-holes". It's an old Scottish term for the hole you have to make or move your belt to, after you’ve had too much to eat and drink over the Christmas period. Brilliant!

So if your belt now has a yule-hole, or if you're just feeling a bit sluggish, why not blow off the cobwebs with our Mince Pie Burn-Off tomorrow morning (Wed 28 Dec) in South Park Gardens?

Meet us in the park at 9.30am for an hour of calorie burning, energising fun! Everyone welcome. Bring your friends, family & any other random people who maybe staying with you along. It's just £8.50 a class, and it's easy to book online with Paypal

South Park Gardens is a lovely little park, just 5 minutes walk from the centre of Wimbledon. There's plenty of metered parking on the nearby roads (put SW19 8QT into your sat nav, and you'll find it).

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South Park Gardens Early Morning BootCamp - Starts 21 November

Join us in South Park Gardens for our November 5 day back-to-back BootCamp.

Join us in the park everyday at 6.15-7.00am, from Monday 21 November through to Friday 25 November (plus a bonus session on Saturday 26 November).

Each day we will focus on a different areas of the body, mixing it up with a huge variety of exercises & workouts. You'll get to train with a few of the HA fitness team, so that you can benefit from our different styles (& idiosyncrasies!).

No matter what your goals, whether it be weight loss, boost your fitness levels or tone-up, you'll feel great (& smug!) by day 5.

Book your place now before you change your mind. You'll get far more compliments for working out than you will from sleeping in!

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BUGGYFIT MUMS - Get a 15% discount off BundleBean!!

Wimbledon has started to get chilly! Make sure your little one is well wrapped up at the classes. If you've not bought a cosy cover for your buggy yet, have a look at the BundleBean Go. It's perfect for families on the move and they come Buggyfit recommended!

A great alternative to costly footmuffs or cosy toes, this gorgeous waterproof cover fits snugly on to all buggies, bike seats, rear facing car seats and carriers/slings. Opens out flat as a travel picnic rug or play mat. Fits all ages from newborn to 4 years+.

BundleBeans are machine washable, 100% water and wind proof and fleece lined to keep your little bundle all warm and dry.

Also take a look at the BundleBean Buggy Organiser. It has a universal fit, is wipe clean and ever so practical for storing, wipes, nappies, bottles whatever!

We have teamed up with our friends at BundleBean to offer you an exclusive 15% discount on all BundleBeans and Buggy Organisers.

Simply use the code ‘BUGGYFIT’ when you check out!


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Buggyfit at The Baby Show, Olympia!

Buggyfit will be at the Baby Show, Olympia this weekend (21-23 Oct)!

If you'd like tickets to the show, you're welcome to use our PUSHABYE discount code for a 35% reduction on the price.

Heather will be helping on the stall on Friday 21 Oct. If you're one of our regular Buggyfit mums, do pop over and say hi. Or if you're interested in finding out more about postnatal fitness in Wimbledon and South West London, we'd love to have a chat.

We run 4 Buggyfit classes in Wimbledon a week. Check out our timetable for all the details or contact us for more info.

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Wimbledon's Spine Tinglingly Good Workouts!

The Halloween season is about to kick off, so here are our top 4 reasons why early morning sessions really aren't that scary:

1) It maybe chillingly early, but you'll glow with devilish pride for the rest of the day.

2) There's no need to be scared or afraid of our 6.15am workouts. All abilities are welcome, including beginners.

3) Our classes are friendly, challenging, motivating, rewarding & fun. You'll also hear laughter & the occasional cackle too!

4) Don't worry about what you look like, the parks are empty apart from us at that time. Bed-hair and zombies are warmly welcomed.

Free Trial In October!

Why not join us at our next early morning session? If you're new to our 6.15am classes, you're welcome to join us for a free trial in October at either of our Wimbledon Park (Mon and Wed) or South Park Gardens (Thur) early sessions. Just drop us a line to let us know you'll be coming along.

Don't be a plump pumpkin, join us!


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What Will You Do Tomorrow Morning?

Running Bootcamp
Wimbledon Common, 7.15am – 8.30am, £10.00
Book now

Blast Class
South Park Gardens, 7.45am - 8.30am
Drop-in £8.00 or buy a class pass

Fit In The Park
Wimbledon Park, 9.00am - 10.00am
Drop-in £8.00 or buy a class pass

Fit In The Park
South Park Gardens, 9.00am - 10.00am
Drop-in £8.00 or buy a class pass

Head over to our locations page to find out where we meet.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. If you can't make tomorrow, check out our full timetable for next week's classes.


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Wednesday Night, Fit In The Park, South Park Gardens - Last Session

Our last South Park Gardens Wednesday night Fit In The Park session will be on 12th Feb. Don't worry, we're just postponing until we get some better weather & more light. We'll also be running some Indoor Bootcamps on a Thursday night at 8pm - watch this space for more info.

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 13 - 17 January 2014


6.15am to 7.00am (45 mins, optional 60min on Thurs)

South Park Gardens, Wimbledon

Burn-off your Christmas excesses, supercharge your motivation & jump-start your energy levels.

Our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Bootcamp is about getting your heart rate racing, your body sweating & your muscles burning. Fast-paced exercises will torch calories & boost your metabolism. Short, timed recovery periods will enable you to keep the intensity high whilst still maintaining form.

All we ask is that you give us everything you’ve got for just 45 minutes, everyday, for 5 days.

Go to Bootcamp to find out more.

Update on 2014-01-06 22:29 by Heather

Our Bootcamp week is now fully booked. Don't worry though, we'll be putting more of these sessions on in the near future. Please get in touch to register your interest.

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Well Done Claire & Dave Grima!

A huge congratulations to our incredibly fast trainer Claire & her husband Dave, who raced in the Amsterdam Marathon a couple of weeks ago.

Claire shot around the course in 2:49:18, & Dave slightly faster at 2:48:45. We're a bit miffed that this is the first time Claire has been beaten by her husband at this distance. But we're confident she'll leave him for dust next time!

Get in touch if you'd like some personal training sessions with Claire. Whether you want to beat your marathon PB, or run a 10k for the first time, Claire's your girl!

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Knowing Me Knowing You - Spotlight on Gemma Mossakowska!


Gemma joined HA fitness a few months ago as a Personal Trainer. She's incredibly hard working & inspirational. She'd take an early morning training session & then head off to her day job as a solicitor. We're now so excited that she has decided to leave her city career behind so that she can do extra training for HA fitness & spend more time with her family.

We thought we'd share a bit more about Gemma with you here:

1) You've just done the big career change thing. What did you do before, and what made you jack it all in for a life in fitness?

I am a qualified solicitor and have worked in banking for almost 10 years in the City and Canary Wharf.  Since having my two girls I have been working part time.  As anyone can guess, having kids changes your life.  After returning to work the second time, I felt that working in the City wasn’t giving me the right work/life balance, and most importantly, the time with my kids I was craving.  I have been studying for my fitness qualifications for almost 2 years now and a wonderful opportunity came up with HA Fitness so I decided to finally bite the bullet and follow my heart. It has been hard to leave the City but I already know it's the best decision I have made in a while.

2) What made you choose being a trainer over other professions?

If I was going to leave a good job after 10 years it had to be for love!  I wanted to do something I was really passionate about. I have had the benefit of Personal Training in the past and know how motivational it can be.  I want to help people realise their fitness goals, whether it be post natal, pre ski season or just getting moving again.

3) You've juggled an intense career with a family and studying to become an instructor. How did you manage to do it all? Have you got any top tips?

A list. If I didn’t write everything down I would be a mess.  Regular exercise and a good night’s sleep help me feel prepared for a jam packed day – although the sleep isn’t always easy to get with young kids.  I make the most of any free time to study, squeezing in 30 minutes here and there, like on my train ride to work.  The fact that I am really interested in the subject makes it much easier to find some spare time. I am not a night owl so I would rather get up early to study than burn the midnight oil.

4) How did you get involved with HA fitness?

After my first daughter was born I started attending Buggyfit classes with HA fitness.  It wasn’t long until I was truly hooked.  I loved being outdoors and having an easy way to train whilst still being with my baby.  I met a very inspirational trainer (thanks Kate!) who gave me the idea of enrolling on a fitness instructor course.  I started studying and attended as many courses as I could whilst pregnant with my second.  Kate put me in touch with Heather while I was on maternity leave and I started taking classes this summer.

5) Tell us about your own fitness? What do you like doing yourself? Any tips on staying focused when you've got a huge amount of other stuff going on?

I really enjoy exercise, how it makes me feel emotionally as well as the affect on my body.  I love cycling (indoors and out) as well as running and aerobic classes such as Body Pump.  I have just entered my first Olympic style triathlon in the summer so I had better get my swimming up to scratch!

In terms of fitting it in: sometimes you have to be creative or willing to get up before the kids.  I just have to get up and do it – if I think about it too much I will always find a reason not to.  Finding a buddy to exercise with helps, you rarely stand a friend up.  I think sometimes you just have to say ‘yes’ then work out how to fit things in.

6) Who or what inspires you?

I don’t have a particular hero. I am inspired by normal people doing things that really challenge them. Of course I am impressed by athletes beating their PB but it is more inspiring for me to see the new mum getting out to a class despite the night of feeding behind her or the man who works long hours but still fits in training for his first marathon.

7) What do you do to relax?

My husband jokes that my hobby is hobbies: if it involves craft, I have probably tried it.  My current favourites are baking, crochet, sewing and reading – not that I have much time to spare.

8) Do you have any guilty pleasures? Chocolate? Cake?

All of the above! As a keen baker, there are often naughty treats lying around.  I think a treat here and there makes life worth living. I just have to remember that a treat shouldn’t be an everyday (or every meal) occurrence. This was a hard lesson to re-learn after being pregnant and breast feeding when hunger takes on a new meaning.

Gemma is available for Personal Training in Wimbledon & the surrounding SW London area. We think training with Gemma will get booked up really quickly, so contact us now to book in your sessions!

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All eyes on us

With the Tennis Championships heading our way, SW19 will soon become the sporting focus of the world again.

During this busy fortnight (24th June to 7th July), all of our classes will continue to run as normal. However, we'll be keeping well out of the way of the happy campers in Wimbledon Park by training at the top end of the park. Come in through the Revelstoke Road entrance & turn left. We'll be slightly up the hill to the left of the tennis courts.

We recommend giving your workout an extra boost by walking, running or cycling to Wimbledon Park when the tennis is on. With the usual 2 car parks closed & no parking on the local roads, your best option is to come on foot or by bike.

All of our other classes in Wimbledon Common & South Park Gardens should be unaffected, although the traffic may be a bit heavier. Surprisingly, the Windmill car park on Wimbledon Common never gets too busy, so no problem with parking for Buggyfit on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Don't let this put you off though. We've got some great classes planned & would really love to see you there. You may even bump into some famous faces!

Do you have any visitor parking permits for Wimbledon/Southfields/SW19?

Despite being a small business in the area, we're unable to get parking permits for the tennis fortnight. We'd therefore really appreciate it if anyone has a visitor permit that they could give or lend to us (with lots of kit & many sessions to train, it's not so easy to leave the car behind).

If you can help, please get in touch & we'll arrange to pick it up.

Many thanks!

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