Mum and Baby Cardio Tone BootCamp

Our trained jazz dancer and fitness instructor, Laura, is back with a new course for Spring 2019! We’re delighted to offer our first specialised indoor post-natal workout for both Mum and baby, allowing mums to exercise to music whilst also giving baby a sensory and fun adventure at the same time!

Join us for…

  • Resistance work using bands and mat-based body weight exercises to strengthen muscles and address postural imbalance

  • Core work to strengthen deep abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor

  • Low impact, high intensity cardio intervals to encourage sustainable weight loss

  • Gentle stretching to ease muscle tightness

Babies can join mum and/or play on the mat nearby.

You will need to bring your own mat. Please feel free to bring a bouncy chair, bumbo or similar along with some toys and a towel or muslin for baby to lie on. Please note your baby remains your responsibility throughout the session.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course will be suitable for babies up to one year/walking. Once they’ve worked out what their legs are capable of, they may be keener to run at our Fit In The Park (FITP) – Family classes and join in the action there!

What are the benefits?

  • Low intensity exercise will help you feel less tired.

  • Exercising boosts your energy levels and releases wonderful feel-good endorphins.

  • You are able to get fit and entertain baby at the same time!

  • A small group setting - with space for just 8 clients (and their babies) there will be the opportunity to discuss post-natal fitness with Laura and set a goal or focus over the course so that she can cater to each of your individual needs.

Whilst we cannot promote the benefits of outdoor fitness enough, this particular course during the changing seasons will keep baby warm without a speck of mud in sight!

Where: The Gooseberry Bush Studio (above the café) 115 Kington Road, Wimbledon SW19 1LT.

The Gooseberry Bush Cafe is a lovely welcoming place which is great for socialising afterwards as well as offering excellent baby changing facilities.

When: Every Wednesday for 5 weeks from 24th April to 22nd May 2019.

Time: 9.30-10.30am

Cost: £65 for the 5 sessions. If you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of HA fitness’s regular Fit In The Park classes.

Places are limited due to space and so please book soon to avoid disappointment. If you have any queries, please do drop us a line.


Posted by Heather Waghorn.