Claire Brown

Prior to having my daughter Lili, I worked at the London Stock Exchange for 9 years, most recently as a Marketing Manager.  From proof reading, copy writing and managing campaigns to suddenly changing nappies, singing nursery rhymes and sleepless nights, my role as a mum couldn’t have been more different! 

3 years on I am now a mum to 2 little girls which keeps me busier than ever, I never realised how much time I had with Lili until I had Maisie, 9 months ago! I’m excited to be able to balance my life as a mum with working on the marketing and admin for HA Fitness, especially now that I am taking a more active role in the company whilst Heather is on maternity leave. 

I met Heather through Buggyfit which was my introduction to shifting the baby weight, meeting people and getting fit again. I enjoy being able to work out whilst giving my girls the chance to play in the park or perhaps just look around wide-eyed as Maisie does! Working for a company that I can relate to so easily makes my role very satisfying and enjoyable.

My challenge now is to get as fit as Heather, Kate and Claire, though I have a feeling this will take quite some time…