Summer Bodies Are Made In Spring BootCamp

Power-packed strength training mixed up with calorie-crushing cardio. This BootCamp now lasts 75mins instead of an hour!

Our 5-week programme will strengthen & tone your whole body. You'll also be doing some creative cardio drills to blitz calories & make you sweat. This hybrid approach is designed to both tone-up you up & burn the fat.

These classes are aimed at anyone who wants to work hard (sorry, it's not suitable for those who have given birth in the last 6 months, but have a look at our Body After Baby Bootcamp).

Meet at 8.00pm at Holy Trinity School Hall, Wimbledon on the following evenings: 

Thursday 24 April
Thursday 1 May
Thursday 8 May
Thursday 15 May
Thursday 22 May

Each session will last 75mins!

Cost: £40.00 for the 5 sessions. If you miss an evening, you can make up the session by coming to one of our regular Fit In The Park classes (just let us know in advance).