Beginners Outdoor Fitness Course

Location: Wimbledon Park (meet at the Revelstoke Road entrance)
6.15am to 7.00am
Wednesdays, 7 May to 28 May 2014 inclusive (4 week course)
Cost: £30

What Is It All About?

A 4-week course introducing people to exercising outside. We'll create a fun & safe environment where you can get to grips with outdoor fitness training. We'll give you lots of encouragement, teaching techniques & support.  You'll be sharing the experience with others who are new to fitness, supporting & motivating each other along the way.

Who Should Come Along?

Maybe you've...

  • Had a break from exercise & need some encouragement to get back into it again?
  • Not exercised since school & don't really know where to start?
  • Joined a gym but never get around to going?
  • Felt a bit embarrassed about your fitness levels & daunted about starting anything new?

Why Should You Join Us?


  • Improve your fitness & feel more confident about yourself
  • Enjoy exercising with no-onlookers (we have the park to ourselves at 6.15am!)
  • Have fun being part of a group of people who are in a similar place to you fitness-wise
  • Not feel pressured by military style bullying techniques!

Want To Find Out More?

If you'd like to chat about the course & find out if it's for you, please get in touch.