Friends With Benefits!

Our Friends With Benefits campaign starts today!

This means that you can bring up to 3 friends along to any of our Buggyfit or Fit In The Park classes in December, for FREE!

You can bring 3 separate friends or the same friend 3 times. All we ask is that you have a valid HA fitness Class Pass (either 10 or 20) and that your friend has not come to any of our classes in 2018.

If they are an old client, who has come to classes in previous years, then bring them back into the fold, we'd love to see them again!

If they are brand new to HA fitness, then now is definitely the time to introduce them to the great stuff we do!

There's no need to register beforehand, just come along to the class with your friends. They will need to complete one of our Health Forms before the class starts (you can download one here)

They are welcome to join you for FREE at any of the following classes, up until our last class on 22 December 2018 (please note, this does not include any of our Mince Pie Burn Offs, BootCamps or PopUp sessions):


Mon - 9.30am, South Park Gardens
Mon - 11.00am, Wimbledon Park
Thu - 9.30am, South Park Gardens
Thu - 11.00am, Wimbledon Park

Mon - 6.15am, Wimbledon Park
Mon - 8.00pm, Holy Trinity School Hall
Wed - 6.15am, Wimbledon Park
Thu - 6.15am, South Park Gardens
Sat - 7.45am, South Park Gardens
Sat - 9.00am, South Park Gardens

Have you got a friend that wants to exercise, but there's always an excuse?

Have you got a friend that wants to exercise, but there's always an excuse? Well, with a chance to join us for free, the benefits outweigh the excuses. And they can get fit before Christmas!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.