Monday Nights At Holy Trinity?

So just what does happen on a MONDAY night at 8pm in the HOLY TRINITY SCHOOL hall?

Fit In The Park (In The Hall) is a fab mix of cardio, strength training and core work. We start with a warm up and then gradually build up the intensity of the session. You'll probably try out a few new exercises mixed up with some old favourites like squats, lunges and press-ups (yes you can have your knees down - most people do!).

Finally finishing with a cool down and stretches.

All our workouts are designed to get you into shape. To get your heart pumping. And to challenge all of your different muscle groups. No session is ever the same, so you won't get bored.

On top of all of that, we want to you have fun, feel motivated and make friends too.

We're inside a lovely hall, so there's no need to worry about extra layers. Just wear comfortable workout clothes, a good pair of trainers and bring a bottle of water.

There are no starting requirements. We warmly welcome all levels and abilities. Just let us know if you have any health issues or injuries that we’ll need to work around.

If you have difficulty with a particular exercise, we'll always have a modification for you. If it's all new to you, we'll be on hand to give you some extra help.

Still feel nervous about joining us? Why not come along for a free trial.. And why not drag a friend along too? What have you got to loose?

Meet us tonight (and every Monday night) at 8pm (address below). Use your HA fitness class pass, drop-in for £10, or join us for a FREE trial. No financial commitments or monthly payments. What have you got to loose?

Holy Trinity Primary School
Effra Road
SW19 8PW

Drop us a line if you've got any queries?

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

Can you squeeze in one more?

The schools are back & we're already counting how many sleeps until the summer holidays. Now's the time to do that final push for the summer. Whether you want to turn those bingo wings into sculpted pieces of art, or convert the spare tyre into something that more resembles a washboard, the best thing you can do right now is to train hard & eat well.

Have a look at our timetable below. Can you squeeze in one more session a week? Just until the summer?

Try & come along to one of our evening classes after work. It's lovely at that time of day in the park at the moment. Take advantage of the long evenings while you can & join us on:

Mondays: 7.15pm, South Park Gardens - meet in the middle of the park
Thursdays: 7.00pm, Wimbledon Park - meet near the Revelstoke Road entrance.

Posted by Heather Waghorn.