Join Kate's 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge!

Within a supportive, private Facebook group, Kate's challenge will comprise a series of realistic, easy to understand and implement recommendations and lessons for lifelong changes.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The emphasis is on small, bite-sized lessons, which are drip-fed to you one per day

  • How to loose fat and keep it off

  • How to maintain a healthy weight, so you avoid the risk of health-related diseases

  • How to supercharge your energy levels

  • Why whole foods keep you satisfied for longer, so you’re less tempted by eating junk

  • How to meal plan so you always have healthy food options

  • How to make healthy snacks, so you don’t graze on junk food when you’re hungry

  • Some of the best healthy food blogs that make life simple

  • How to identify food triggers that are (subconsciously) keeping you from your goals

  • Food swaps for cravings, so you can eat more of the foods you love without piling on the pounds or worrying about your health

  • Healthy breakfasts for busy mornings

  • How to use herbs and spices to power up your food and make them taste amazing

  • Some recipes suggestions to add variety to your life

  • How to strike a happy medium with your diet

  • Some facts about sugar, salt and fats, the good, the bad and the in between, so you'll be in a much better position to look after your own health, and the health of your family

  • Plus loads more...

It costs £30, just £1 per day, and will start on 7th January 2019!

If you would like to take part in Kate's 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, or would like to know more, please drop us a line.

Posted by Heather Waghorn.