Ski/Run/Bike/Tri Fitness BootCamp - Wimbledon

This one is all about the legs, glutes and core. Getting you fit for skiing, running, cycling or triathlons. Boost your performance and reduce your risk of injury!

The course will help you to:

- Strengthen your whole body, with particular focus on the legs and core
- Improve your muscular endurance and stamina
- Sharpen your balance and agility
- Build your aerobic fitness

This is a progressive 6-week course, with each session building on what we worked on the previous week.

Time: 6.15 - 7.00am
Place: South Park Gardens
Dates: Every Tuesday morning 26 February to 3 April 2019 (inclusive)
Cost: £54 for the 6 sessions
(NB, if you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes).

Please note that our BootCamp are non-refundable and non-transferable. You must complete a health form before you join, and you attend at your own risk. Please also read our full Terms And Conditions. If you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park or Buggyfit classes.

Head over to our BootCamp page to book your place!

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Additional BoxFit classes added!

We've got some great news!

Our two Wednesday night BoxFit Boot Camps became booked up really quickly, and we know a lot of you were disappointed not to get a place.

So, we've now added two more BoxFit Boot Camps at Garfield School with Antonio! It’ll be every Tuesday evening for 5 weeks starting from the 9th January 2018. Scroll down to find out more, or head over to our BootCamp page to book your place.

BoxFit Boot Camp!

This 5-week BoxFit Boot Camp with Antonio is an ultra-calorie burning workout that’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping. Using boxing pads and gloves, you'll work your whole body, whilst challenging your strength, speed and endurance. It's lots of fun and a great stress buster too!

  • Times: Choose either 7.15pm - 8.15pm or 8.15pm - 9.15pm
  • Place: Garfield School, SW19 8SB
  • Dates: Tuesday evenings from the 9th January 2018
  • Cost: £54 for 5 sessions (if you miss a session, you're welcome to make it up at one of our regular Fit In The Park classes).

This Boot Camp is suitable for all levels. However, if you have any back issues, or have had a baby in the last 6 months, it won't be right for you at the moment. If you're not sure, please get in touch.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Sign-up today and become a Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine! We'll be limiting numbers due to the space and equipment available, so book your place now!

Happy New Year!

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South Park Gardens Tonight!

Overindulged this weekend? Feeling sluggish? Not in the mood for work today?

Get your energy back & burn some calories at our one-off post Bank Holiday workout tonight in South Park Gardens. Meet at 7.30pm in the middle of the park (near the water fountain). Everyone welcome, just bring your class passes or do pay-as-you-go (£9).

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Set Your Alarm For Early!

Thanks to everyone who completed our Wimbledon Park Survey. We've now re-jigged our summer timetable accordingly. We've added some Monday mornings in as they're so popular with you, & taken out a couple of other days, as we know many of you will be away (see below).

Grab your diary, here's what's coming up over the next couple of weeks. Which early morning sessions will you come to?

This week...
Mon 25 July: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
Wed 27 July: Sorry, NO 6.15am class
Thu 28 July: 6.15am South Park Gardens
Friday 29 July:  6.15am Wimbledon Park
Next week...
Mon 1 Aug: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
Wed 3 Aug: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
Thu 4 Aug: 6.15am South Park Gardens
Fri 5 Aug: Sorry, NO 6.15am class

In Wimbledon Park we meet just inside the Revelstoke Road entrance. In South Park Gardens, we meet in near the Trinity Road gate.
All of our other Fit In The Park & Buggyfit classes will be going ahead as normal. Check out our timetable for all the details. Don't forget to buy your pass online first.
Happy summer holidays!

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Cardio Before Christmas

December is a busy month. Let's admit it, workouts tend to get skipped & lots of yummy festive calories are consumed.

But with a little bit of planning & self-motivation it is possible to start the New Year feeling fit, not fat.

We're running our Wimbledon Fit In The Park & Buggyfit classes right up until Tuesday 22 December. We've got early morning classes, weekend sessions & indoor evening workouts to choose from. So act now. Don't put it off until January!

Check out our class to find a class that suits you.

Then join us in the park & let exercise be your festive stress reliever this December.

Heather x

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Spooktacular Fitness Fun Tomorrow

Which wicked workout will you do?


7.45am - 8.30am South Park Gardens: Battle Ropes, Kettle Bells & TRX Blast Class with Kate
9.00 - 10.00am South Park Gardens: Frighteningly Fun Fit In The Park with Kate
9.00 - 10.00am Wimbledon Park: Devilishly Demanding Fit In The Park with Claire

Happy Halloween!


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Saturday Blast Class - Legs & Glutes

Calling all runners, cyclists, skiers & anyone who wants to fire up their legs & glutes!

Our 7.45am Blast Class in South Park Gardens this week will be focusing on creating power & strength in the legs & bum.

Sophie will be combining plyometric drills with speed & strength training in this challenging 45 minute session. Having successfully completed an Ironman, Sophie knows what she's talking about when it comes to strong legs & glutes!

What: 45 min Blast Class - Legs & Glutes
When: 7.45 to 8.30am this Saturday
Where: South Park Gardens
Cost: Use your class pass or drop in for £8.00

Buy your pass online at today!

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Catch A Little Spring Fever!

A little bit more sunshine, a little bit more warmth & a little bit more daylight. Spring is on its way!

There are so many natural motivators to exercise at this time of year. You just need to get outside & tap into them.

Fresh air will boost your energy levels. Sunny skies will lift your mood. And the new colours bursting through will make you smile. It's time to start-up, shake-up & step-up your workouts.

Plan which classes you'll be doing this week from our timetable. If you need a new pass, buy one now while you're feeling inspired.

Remember, the summer & your holiday wardrobe is just around the corner...


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Don't stop!

ALL classes going ahead as normal this week (including our Monday night session at Holy Trinity School).

If you've got children at home, bring them to the class with you! Or sneak out early for one of our 6.15am sessions (finish at 7 or 7.15am). Check out our timetable for full details.

See you at a class soon!

Heather x

Posted by Heather Waghorn.