The BIG Mince Pie Burn-Off

These challenging but fun, outdoor fitness sessions over Christmas are suitable for all levels & abilities. Bring along your other-halves, family, friends & any other random people you might have staying with you!

Children are welcome to come & play nearby (they remain your responsibility).

26 December:
Wimbledon Park 8.30 - 9.30am
South Park Gardens 10.00 - 11.00am

28 December:
Wimbledon Park 8.30 - 9.30am
South Park Gardens 10.00 - 11.00am

31 December:
Wimbledon Park 8.30 - 9.30am
South Park Gardens 10.00 - 11.00am

1 person per BootCamp = £10
2 people per BootCamp = £15

Bookings for these sessions close at Midnight on Friday 21 Dec. Head over to your BootCamp page to book your place. Do it now while you're still thinking about it!

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Who's Coming To Our March BootCamps?


It's meant to be the hottest day of the year so far today, wahoo!

This has got to be the best time of year to be outside exercising. You're surrounded by so many natural motivators. Fresh air to boost your energy levels. Sunny skies to lift your mood. And new colours bursting through to make you smile.

It's time to catch a little spring fever - join us!

We have 2 great BootCamps coming up in Wimbledon Park and South Park Gardens. We've also got a few places left on our Strengthen, Stretch & Restore Course which starts tomorrow night.

To get your full quota of exercise and sunshine, have a look at our Buggyfit and Fit In The Park class timetable. Which classes can you do this week? As always, you're welcome to drop-in on any of these timetabled sessions, but it does work out cheaper to buy one of our class passes online.

Happy Sunny Training,

Heather & the HA team x

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Lurve In The Park


The couple that sweats together, stays together. Or something like that. Valentine's weekend is the perfect excuse to grab your partner & bring them along to a crushingly good outdoor workout. So hot up your Saturday morning & join us at our:

Heart Pumping Blast Session: South Park Gardens, 7.45am-8.30am
Tough Loving Fit In The Park: Wimbledon Park, 9.00am-10.00am
Sweaty & Fired-Up Fit In The Park: South Park Gardens, 9.00am-10.00am

Did you know that your HA fitness class pass can be used by your loved one too? You're welcome to share your pass with your partner/husband/wife. Our passes are really flexible and are valid for both our Buggyfit and Fit In The Park sessions. You can also check out our full timetable and purchase your passes easily online.

Lots of love,

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Buggyfit In Wimbledon

Buggyfit Wimbledon

Did you know that pushing a buggy burns around 20% more calories than walking without one?

So why not join us reaping the benefits of outdoor exercise at our Buggyfit classes in Wimbledon? Meet other mums, burn calories, tone-up & strengthen your core muscles.

It's a sociable & safe way to get back into exercise after having your baby. Workout at a level that suits you & then progress when you feel ready.

No childcare required, simply enjoy the fresh air together!

- Mon: 9.30am, South Park Gardens
- Mon: 11.00am, Wimbledon Park
- Thurs: 9.30am South Park Gardens
- Thurs: 11.00am, Wimbledon Park
- Fri: 11.00am, Wimbledon Common

We have a really flexible class pass system. Buy a block of 10 sessions for £75 (you can use your pass at any of our classes) or drop-in for £10.

Find out more on our Buggyfit page or get in touch for more info.

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Wimbledon Park FEBRUARY 2017 BootCamp

Fun, friendly & challenging! You'll get a full body workout combining strength, cardio, endurance, core & functional movement. All levels & abilities welcome.

Time: 6.15 - 7.00am

Place: Wimbledon Park, near the Revelstoke Road entrance.

Mon 30 Jan, Wed 1 Feb
Mon 6 Feb, Wed 8 Feb
Mon 13 Feb, Wed 15 Feb
Mon 20 Feb, Wed 22 Feb
Fri 24 Feb (Bonus/Catch-up class)

£60 for 2 sessions a week PLUS a bonus/catch up session on Fri 24 Feb.
£33 for 1 session a week PLUS a bonus/catch up session on Fri 24 Feb.

Get in touch or book your place today!

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Wimbledon Park BootCamp - September 2016!

Fun, friendly & challenging! You'll get a full body workout combining strength, cardio, endurance, core & functional movement. All levels & abilities welcome.

6.15 - 7.00am (or 7.15am if you'd like to do a bit extra with us)

Wimbledon Park, near the Revelstoke Road entrance.

Mon 12 Sept, Wed 14 Sept
Mon 19 Sept, Wed 21 Sept
Mon 26 Sept, Wed 28 Sept
Fri 30 Sept (bonus session)

£45 for the above 6 classes plus a bonus/catch up session on Friday 30 Sept.

Get in touch or book your place today!

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Wimbledon Park THIS FRIDAY!

We're running an extra Fit In The Park class in Wimbledon Park on Friday 2 Sept.  Meet at 6.15am & finish at 7.00am (or stay an extra 15 mins for a bonus core session).

Use your class passes, drop-in for £9 or come for a free taster session (for first-timers to our 6.15am sessions only).

We've got 2 more 6.15am sessions (Mon & Wed) next week in Wimbledon Park before we start our September Bootcamp.

Join us! Go on, you know you'll feel great afterwards...


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Set Your Alarm For Early!

Thanks to everyone who completed our Wimbledon Park Survey. We've now re-jigged our summer timetable accordingly. We've added some Monday mornings in as they're so popular with you, & taken out a couple of other days, as we know many of you will be away (see below).

Grab your diary, here's what's coming up over the next couple of weeks. Which early morning sessions will you come to?

This week...
Mon 25 July: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
Wed 27 July: Sorry, NO 6.15am class
Thu 28 July: 6.15am South Park Gardens
Friday 29 July:  6.15am Wimbledon Park
Next week...
Mon 1 Aug: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
Wed 3 Aug: 6.15am Wimbledon Park
Thu 4 Aug: 6.15am South Park Gardens
Fri 5 Aug: Sorry, NO 6.15am class

In Wimbledon Park we meet just inside the Revelstoke Road entrance. In South Park Gardens, we meet in near the Trinity Road gate.
All of our other Fit In The Park & Buggyfit classes will be going ahead as normal. Check out our timetable for all the details. Don't forget to buy your pass online first.
Happy summer holidays!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

The Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 29 August - Fit In The Park

Super-fit Claire will be taking both South Park Gardens & Wimbledon Park classes this Saturday. The classes will take place the following times (there are no sessions at 9.00am):

8.00am - 9.00am in South Park Gardens
9.30am - 10.30am in Wimbledon Park

Early riser? Head over to South Park Gardens. Meet in the middle of the park near the water fountain.

Prefer a lie in? Meet us in Wimbledon Park. We'll be training near the Revelstoke Road entrance car park.

Fancy a challenge? Join Claire in both parks & we'll only charge you for 1 class!

Children, partners, family & friends are all welcome to join us in both parks. As always, your class passes are valid at all of our locations.

Monday 31 August - Fit In The Park & Buggyfit

Unfortunately there will be no classes or Bootcamps on Bank Holiday Monday this weekend as the HA fitness team are spending some fun time with their families.

Our regular timetable resumes on Tuesday 1st September, kicking off with 6.15am Fit In The Park in South Park Gardens.

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

Fitness Challenge For All Mums

THE CHALLENGE: You're invited to test your ambition, your willpower & your commitment to get fit for the summer. To loose weight, tone-up those wobbly bits & to feel strong & confident. All within 5 weeks.

If this challenge has your name on it, then our fat-burning, body-sculpting, energy-boosting classes are for you.

THE DETAILS: Come to 2 daytime classes (or 7.45 on Sat) a week, every week between 20 April to 23 May (5 weeks) & you’ll not only feel great, but we’ll give you a 10% discount off your next HA fitness pass. Come to 3 classes a week, & we’ll give you a 15% discount off your next pass!

All but 1 of the classes that are included in this challenge are all daytime sessions, & are all suitable for babies/toddlers/children to come along to (they remain your responsibility). So no need to worry about organising childcare.

You don't have to do the same sessions every week. Why not try them all out? Choose from:

Buggyfit postnatal (you don’t have to a new mum to benefit from these classes!):

Mon 9.30 South Park Gardens
Tue 10.30am Wimbledon Common
Wed 9.30am South Park Gardens
Thu 9.30am South Park Gardens
Thu 11.00 Wimbledon Park

Fit In The Park: (all levels welcome & little ones are welcome):

Fri 9.15am South Park Gardens
Sat 7.45am South Park Gardens

REGISTER NOW: Contact us to let us know that you're accepting our challenge. In order to qualify for the discount, please get in touch by 19 April 2015. Please note that this challenge does not include our evening, early morning & Saturday sessions.

To keep you motivated & on track, we’ll email you individually every week to see how you’re getting on.

If you’ve not trained with us before, join us at any of our classes next week for a free trial, & get a taster for what this challenge is all about. Check out our full timetable detailing all of our Wimbledon fitness classes.

Lets go!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

Catch A Little Spring Fever!

A little bit more sunshine, a little bit more warmth & a little bit more daylight. Spring is on its way!

There are so many natural motivators to exercise at this time of year. You just need to get outside & tap into them.

Fresh air will boost your energy levels. Sunny skies will lift your mood. And the new colours bursting through will make you smile. It's time to start-up, shake-up & step-up your workouts.

Plan which classes you'll be doing this week from our timetable. If you need a new pass, buy one now while you're feeling inspired.

Remember, the summer & your holiday wardrobe is just around the corner...


Posted by Heather Waghorn.

HA fitness Vouchers


We can save you from frantic Amazon searches, big queues & crowded shops. Buy your loved one an HA fitness voucher for Christmas. It's quick, easy & stress free.

The vouchers can be as flexible as you'd like to make them. They can be purchased for any value & can be used as full or part payment for personal training, classes, bootcamps or a mixture of all of our HA fitness services.

Whether it's for a regular exerciser, or someone who'll appreciate being nudged in the right direction, we can help.

The last day we can take orders is Friday 19th December, so get in touch now & make someone smile this Christmas!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

More, more, more

We try really hard to get our class timetable to be just how you want it. Recently you've asked us for:

- More Fit Kit Sessions using different pieces of equipment like the ViPR & TRX: We've got one in Wimbledon Park next Thursday (see Fit Kit Drills to book).

- More BootCamps: Our 2 week HIIT BootCamp starts on Sat at 8am in South Park Gardens (book now as places are limited).

- Early morning sessions to finish at both 7.00am & 7.15am (there was a slight difference of opinion between our clients!): Now you can choose whether you leave at 7.00am or 7.15am (45 or 60 min sessions). See our timetable for a full list of dates & times.

- Class start times not to be delayed by latecomers: We're starting & finishing all of our classes on time now, so get the most out of your session & be there with us on time too. If you're running late, don't worry, we won't turn you away - although there maybe a few penalty burpees!

- Fitness Tests: We will be offering free fitness tests in Wimbledon Park & South Park Gardens. Dates to be posted on facebook & our website by the end of this week.

- 8am Saturday morning sessions in South Park Gardens: We start in October!

Why not head over to our facebook page & tell us what you'd like to see at our classes & how we can improve your timetable.

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

Early Morning Sessions Are Changing Slightly

We've had a lot of requests for our early sessions to finish at 7am.  We suggested a 45 minute intense session, but have heard some of our hardcore clients would like the full hour. As no-one is keen to start at 6am, we’ve come up with a good solution.

We’ll start on the dot at 6.15am, with a warm-up & intense express session that will finish at 7.00am. Following this, there will be a 15 minute challenging strength & core session.  This gives you the option of a 45 minute or 60 minute class.

This new format applies to all of our 6.15am sessions in Wimbledon Park & South Park Gardens, & will start next week.

We’ve got some challenging new workouts planned to wake you up & have you glowing all day!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

We Are Happy!

We were really excited to be asked to take part in the We Are Happy film at our Fit In The Park class on Saturday in Wimbledon Park.


It's a 4 minute film about different people & businesses in our community & the music is set to the We Are Happy song . The film should go live in about 4 weeks time, so watch this space...!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

Wimbledon Park - New Training Location

As Wimbledon Park is a little wet under foot, we've decided to change our Fit In The Park training ground to next to the tennis courts. We'll meet-up in the usual spot (to the left of the Revelstoke Road entrance during the week & to the right of the carpark on Sat). We'll then move onto the following location (latecomers please go straight there).

Come into the park from the Revelstoke Road entrance & turn left. Walk up the path with the tennis courts on your right. We'll be training on the patch of concrete to the left of the path.

Wimbledon Park Buggyfit
will continue to meet at the cafe as usual & will use different parts of the park, depending on numbers & conditions.

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

Knowing Me Knowing You - Spotlight on Gemma Mossakowska!


Gemma joined HA fitness a few months ago as a Personal Trainer. She's incredibly hard working & inspirational. She'd take an early morning training session & then head off to her day job as a solicitor. We're now so excited that she has decided to leave her city career behind so that she can do extra training for HA fitness & spend more time with her family.

We thought we'd share a bit more about Gemma with you here:

1) You've just done the big career change thing. What did you do before, and what made you jack it all in for a life in fitness?

I am a qualified solicitor and have worked in banking for almost 10 years in the City and Canary Wharf.  Since having my two girls I have been working part time.  As anyone can guess, having kids changes your life.  After returning to work the second time, I felt that working in the City wasn’t giving me the right work/life balance, and most importantly, the time with my kids I was craving.  I have been studying for my fitness qualifications for almost 2 years now and a wonderful opportunity came up with HA Fitness so I decided to finally bite the bullet and follow my heart. It has been hard to leave the City but I already know it's the best decision I have made in a while.

2) What made you choose being a trainer over other professions?

If I was going to leave a good job after 10 years it had to be for love!  I wanted to do something I was really passionate about. I have had the benefit of Personal Training in the past and know how motivational it can be.  I want to help people realise their fitness goals, whether it be post natal, pre ski season or just getting moving again.

3) You've juggled an intense career with a family and studying to become an instructor. How did you manage to do it all? Have you got any top tips?

A list. If I didn’t write everything down I would be a mess.  Regular exercise and a good night’s sleep help me feel prepared for a jam packed day – although the sleep isn’t always easy to get with young kids.  I make the most of any free time to study, squeezing in 30 minutes here and there, like on my train ride to work.  The fact that I am really interested in the subject makes it much easier to find some spare time. I am not a night owl so I would rather get up early to study than burn the midnight oil.

4) How did you get involved with HA fitness?

After my first daughter was born I started attending Buggyfit classes with HA fitness.  It wasn’t long until I was truly hooked.  I loved being outdoors and having an easy way to train whilst still being with my baby.  I met a very inspirational trainer (thanks Kate!) who gave me the idea of enrolling on a fitness instructor course.  I started studying and attended as many courses as I could whilst pregnant with my second.  Kate put me in touch with Heather while I was on maternity leave and I started taking classes this summer.

5) Tell us about your own fitness? What do you like doing yourself? Any tips on staying focused when you've got a huge amount of other stuff going on?

I really enjoy exercise, how it makes me feel emotionally as well as the affect on my body.  I love cycling (indoors and out) as well as running and aerobic classes such as Body Pump.  I have just entered my first Olympic style triathlon in the summer so I had better get my swimming up to scratch!

In terms of fitting it in: sometimes you have to be creative or willing to get up before the kids.  I just have to get up and do it – if I think about it too much I will always find a reason not to.  Finding a buddy to exercise with helps, you rarely stand a friend up.  I think sometimes you just have to say ‘yes’ then work out how to fit things in.

6) Who or what inspires you?

I don’t have a particular hero. I am inspired by normal people doing things that really challenge them. Of course I am impressed by athletes beating their PB but it is more inspiring for me to see the new mum getting out to a class despite the night of feeding behind her or the man who works long hours but still fits in training for his first marathon.

7) What do you do to relax?

My husband jokes that my hobby is hobbies: if it involves craft, I have probably tried it.  My current favourites are baking, crochet, sewing and reading – not that I have much time to spare.

8) Do you have any guilty pleasures? Chocolate? Cake?

All of the above! As a keen baker, there are often naughty treats lying around.  I think a treat here and there makes life worth living. I just have to remember that a treat shouldn’t be an everyday (or every meal) occurrence. This was a hard lesson to re-learn after being pregnant and breast feeding when hunger takes on a new meaning.

Gemma is available for Personal Training in Wimbledon & the surrounding SW London area. We think training with Gemma will get booked up really quickly, so contact us now to book in your sessions!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

Mats, Mats, Glorious Mats!

As a team, we spend hours cleaning & drying them. Our cars have a permanent damp mat smell. And although we don't mind too much, our loved ones aren't quite so impressed.

So, in an effort to improve family relations, we'll be asking you to bring your own mats to all of our Fit In The Park classes in Wimbledon Park & South Park Gardens from 7 October. We'll have spares if you forget, but please do try & remember.

You can buy them cheaply from Amazon, Argos & the big Sainsbury's, Tesco & Asda. Or ask one of our trainers if they have any old ones to sell on.

You really don't need anything flash, just something to throw down on the ground to protect you from the mud. Or you could always "go commando" & be mat free!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.

All eyes on us

With the Tennis Championships heading our way, SW19 will soon become the sporting focus of the world again.

During this busy fortnight (24th June to 7th July), all of our classes will continue to run as normal. However, we'll be keeping well out of the way of the happy campers in Wimbledon Park by training at the top end of the park. Come in through the Revelstoke Road entrance & turn left. We'll be slightly up the hill to the left of the tennis courts.

We recommend giving your workout an extra boost by walking, running or cycling to Wimbledon Park when the tennis is on. With the usual 2 car parks closed & no parking on the local roads, your best option is to come on foot or by bike.

All of our other classes in Wimbledon Common & South Park Gardens should be unaffected, although the traffic may be a bit heavier. Surprisingly, the Windmill car park on Wimbledon Common never gets too busy, so no problem with parking for Buggyfit on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Don't let this put you off though. We've got some great classes planned & would really love to see you there. You may even bump into some famous faces!

Do you have any visitor parking permits for Wimbledon/Southfields/SW19?

Despite being a small business in the area, we're unable to get parking permits for the tennis fortnight. We'd therefore really appreciate it if anyone has a visitor permit that they could give or lend to us (with lots of kit & many sessions to train, it's not so easy to leave the car behind).

If you can help, please get in touch & we'll arrange to pick it up.

Many thanks!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.