BodyBlitz 30 Day Summer Challenge!

Our New BodyBlitz 30 Day Summer Challenge Starts On Monday!

Hot on the heels of our successful BodyBlitz 6 week challenge, we bring you our NEW BodyBlitz 30 Day SUMMER Challenge.

Follow our healthy eating plan and fitness routines for just 30 days and see the difference in time for the summer.

Read what some of our original BodyBlitzers have to say:

“I have really enjoyed the support and sharing on the Facebook group…… without a doubt spurred me on - I never would have done my 10k run last week so definitely feeling fitter.”

“Have just done a big shop, and the trolley is looking quite different to the way it would have 6 weeks ago!”

“Weight loss has been slow but steady for me - I would say half a stone….. And definitely more Fitness in my life”

“Lots of lovely new recipe ideas to repeat too”

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner all ticked today and tasted like gourmet cuisine”

“Just done workout. Dripping in sweat. What a killer. Great workout”.

“Am loving the new found feeling of being organised where food is concerned.”

“Thanks to all for the support and tips and yummy food pics too!”

Tempted To Join Us?

Our BodyBlitz 30 Day SUMMER Challenge runs from Monday 12th June 2017 to Tuesday 11th July 2017.

Sign-up by Friday 9th June to join our private Facebook Group where you will have access to the Summer Challenge Plan. It costs just £65.

Sign-up now or drop us a line to find out more.

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Posted by Heather Waghorn.