It's only cold if you stand still

Some of my best workout memories are of when we're out there, battling against the elements.
You feel invincible, invigorated & pumped with energy. Nothing quite beats it & you just want more.
Yesterday, at 6.15am, we charged across South Park Gardens, leaving crazy footprints in the fresh snow. Later on in the morning, our Buggyfit mums powerwalked across a sparkling white Wimbledon Common, with the little ones all tucked up in their buggies.
So although we'd prefer it to be dry & sunny, there's still loads of fun to be had outside during the winter months.
Wrap up in warm layers & wear gloves & a hat. Remove a layer when you start to sweat & put it back on again if you start to feel chilly.
If you wait for the perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done. Somedays you just have to make your own little bit of sunshine.
Check out our latest class timetable & I'll see you in the park soon!


Posted by Heather Waghorn.