Early Mornings Aren't That Scary!

October Challenge & Treat

Your challenge: Come to 3 early morning classes in 1 week.
Your treat:
A free class pass!

Here's why our early Fit In The Park classes should be your new haunt this October:

1) It maybe early, but you'll glow with devilish pride all day.
2) It's not frightening. Just challenging & motivating.
3) It doesn't matter what you look like at that time in the morning. Zombies welcome.
4) No nightmare in getting to work afterwards. Flexible finishing time of either 7.00am or 7.15am (at our 6.15am classes).
5) You'll get a superhero free class pass if you make it to 3 early sessions in 1 week!

This offer is only available during the month of October. To get your free class pass, you need to come to 3 of our early Fit In The Park classes in the same week (see timetable below). Free pass treats will be given out on Fridays & Saturdays. They will expire on 24 December 2014.

Early Morning Sessions:

South Park Gardens:
6.15am on Tues & Thur
7.45am on Sat (sorry, not our 9am classs)

Wimbledon Park:
6.15am on Mon, Wed & Fri

So don't look like a plump pumpkin on 31 October. Put some high-spirited workouts into your diary now!

Posted by Heather Waghorn.