Time To Shape-Up Your Relationship?

GUEST BLOGGER, Sue Saker, The Couples Coach, gives us some top tips to help you put a bit of sparkle back into your relationship:

Holiday time is approaching which often means spending more time than usual with our loved ones.  In theory that’s great but it can also highlight tensions or show that all you ever talk about is the kids, logistics and work - not the most stimulating topics! Here are 3 quick tips from Life Coach Sue Saker help get the love party going again.

  1. Sort out your ratios.  Healthy, supportive relationships have far more positive interactions (‘I like that tie on you’) than negative ones (‘Yuck, that’s a really big boil’) and 5:1 is a good ratio to aim for.  Look for ways to appreciate your partner - thanking them for doing everyday things, complimenting them and acknowledging where they’ve tried.  It might feel one sided but gradually you should see an improvement in how you are relating to one another.
  2. Think positive thoughts each day about your partner.  Set a daily reminder and think of as many great things as possible - do they shop / cook for lovely meals?  Do they make you laugh?  Do they book great holidays?  Are they kind? Are they an enthusiastic parent?  Keep choosing to focus on the good stuff and you’ll find yourself loving them more.
  3. Book up date nights.  It sounds simple but spending time together is so important. If you can’t afford a babysitter then offer to swap with a friend. Or declare one night a week as an indoor date night.  Switch off the gadgets (yep that does include the ipad!) and have fun talking, playing, connecting.

Enjoy yourselves!

Sue Saker
The Couples Coach

Posted by Heather Waghorn.