It's snowing!

Do you still train in the snow? We get asked this quite a bit & the answer is always yes! As long as it's safe & we can get to the venue, we'll be there.
So don't use a bit of snow as a reason not to exercise. Join us with a willing spirit and leave feeling energised and positively glowing with smugness.
Check out the photo of some of our Buggyfit mums this morning on Wimbledon Common. While it may look a bit chilly, everyone soon warmed up & had a really exhilarating session. The babies were happy too, all tucked up & protected from the elements by their rain covers.
In severe conditions we may, admittedly, be forced to cancel a class. If this is the case, full details will be posted on the front page of our website at If in doubt on the day, text to me on 07941 851 778 & I will respond as soon as possible.
Look forward to joining you in the park for fitness & fun, & possibly snowballs & snowmen (some assembly required).

Best wishes
Heather & the HA fitness Team

Posted by Heather Waghorn.